Located in Kenton at 7540 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, OR 97217 • Open Weekdays 6:30AM to 5:30PM & Weekends 7:30AM to 5:30PM

Coffee, Tea & Not Coffee

photoYes, we’re one of the only coffee shops in North Portland proudly serving “Not Coffee” on the drink menu (scroll down for more on that).

First and foremost, we are delighted to serve our Kenton friends and neighbors Stumptown’s finest roasts. Because friends don’t let friends drink un-ripe, over roasted coffee picked by massive machines using indirect and generally unfair trading practices.

No, no they don’t.

All of Stumptown’s beans are picked by hand, only when fully ripened. And trade practices are direct with the farmers – no middle men or unfair pricing. The beans are roasted right here in Portland at a multi-million dollar roastery designed to minimize environmental impact. All coffee is roasted to order and the words “light, medium and dark” are never discussed at Stumptown. Beans are roasted to the point where the maximum flavor pops. Does this sound a little up-tight? Uh-oh, that may be so. But, when speaking about our favorite Portland Roaster, it’s hard not to show a little pride.

Awesome latte art



CUP uses only Hair Bender espresso by Stumpown. Hairbender is a blend designed specifically as an espresso roast. Its fantastic. We also feature two drip coffees with different flavor profiles. Come in, taste them both and choose your favorite.








Townshend’s Tea

You can’t serve Portland’s best coffee without Portland’s best loose leaf tea. Townshend’s mission is to bring back tea to the everyman. We like that. CUP offers a dozen tea flavors from Yerba Matte to Earl Grey. We take great care to understand the recommended steeping times and you can have your loose leaf Townshend’s tea for here or to-go.





KombuchaBrew Dr. Kombucha

Brewed and bottled right here in Portland, OR Townshend’s Brew Dr. is the best raw Kombucha available boasting more than 2.2 billion live and active cultures per bottle to leave you with a natural sense well-being and health. Come try all our flavors.





Strawberry Kiwi Italian SodaNot Coffee

We like to think we’re quite creative, so we’ve invented the “Not Coffee” section of the coffee house menu. This concept may not catch on everywhere else, but it sure has at CUP.

If you’re not in the mood for coffee or tea or you don’t want the kids jacked up all night on caffeine, try any one of our homemade milkshakes, fruit smoothies or Italian sodas. We have over 50 flavors and syrups so you’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.