Located in Kenton at 7540 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, OR 97217 • Open Weekdays 6:30AM to 5:30PM & Weekends 7:30AM to 5:30PM

It’s Happy Hour at CUP!

It’s Happy Hour at CUP!

In all our travels in and around North Portland Peninsula we haven’t really found any coffee shops that offer happy hour. Maybe it’s just a bar thing, but we thought “why don’t coffee shops have happy hour?” Realizing we own a coffee house and that we can do whatever we want, we figured we should. So we did. (Follow the logic?) We also practice the KISS principle, hence the following:


The CUP happy hour policy is pretty simple: from 6PM – 9PM you get any drink, any size, half off! 


What does this mean to you? It depends on your style. If you’re a heavy espresso drinker with lactose intolerance, you could get a 20oz quad shot latte with hemp milk that would normally cost $5.25. But after 6PM, any night of the week, that very same drink would only set you back around $2.60 (the equivalent retail cost of a tea).


Speaking of tea, if that’s your thing (or milkshakes or Italian sodas or espresso shakes), you can get a wonderful Townshend’s loose leaf selection for around $1.13.


Why do we do it when no one else does? Because we love our neighbors! And, of course, we want you to love us back. We’ll see you tonight at 6.


CUP may be one of the only North Portland coffee shops with happy hour, but we’re not all toffee-nosed about it. Located in the Kenton District of North Portland. Open late until 9PM. Outdoor patio, downstairs study hall and main floor common area. Oh, and a fireplace to keep you warm this winter. 

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