Located in Kenton at 7540 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, OR 97217 • Open Weekdays 6:30AM to 5:30PM & Weekends 7:30AM to 5:30PM

October Ghost Stories at CUP (boo)

October Ghost Stories at CUP (boo)

>>>>Disclaimer: during the day CUP is a warm and inviting place… <<<<

Did you know that the historic Kenton District is one of the most paranormal hot spots in Portland? Being new to the area we didn’t either, until we started digging below the surface… Kenton has a rich history and some of the characters from the early 1900’s still seem to roam. The Kenton Hotel, Kenton Firehouse and the underground tunnels that connect the local businesses are the most notable haunted locations. Given what you’re about to read, our first hand experiences, it’s safe to say that CUP can be added to the list.

Something strange and unexplainable is going on…

Jack, Amanda, Tessa, Kaila and I all have had numerous unexplainable experiences working at CUP. One moment all is warm and normal then suddenly, like a switch is flipped, everything changes.

  • Staff have witness things moving on their own – two chairs, a dustpan and a picture frame
  • Recorded footsteps on the stairs (at night when the shop is closed and alarm is set)
  • Motion sensors alerting at stairway (at night when the shop is closed and alarm is set)
  • The feeling of being watched, not alone (but you’re alone)
  • The awkward feeling of walking in on somebody (when there’s no one there)
  • Being touched or pushed by something / someone that isn’t there
  • Staff and owners witnessing a moving shadow figure
  • Both stationary and traveling cold spots

A few entertaining (and spooky) ghost stories

Pushed by a Spirit

Back in the days when we closed at 5PM Kaila and I were working late into the night painting the grey stripes on the main floor. It was just before midnight as we were finishing up for the day and I had gone downstairs to the storage room to clean our paint brushes. I was deep in reflection and satisfaction of hard day’s work. I wasn’t feeling any kind of discomfort, just Scrubbed away, focusing on the task at hand. It was sudden, as if by the flick of a switch, the weight of the room changed. There was a pressure in my chest and the air became heavy and difficult to breathe. The hair on my arms and back of my neck started to stand at end. I turned the water off so that I could listen carefully and looked around the storeroom. Fear started to rise within me. It was quite, heavy. There was a sensation of being watched. It’s ‘gotta be nothing, I assured myself. Feeling silly, but alert, I turned back to cleaning the paint brush. My unease grew as the sound of water filled the room, blocking my ability to hear movement around me. It was then I felt a large man standing directly behind me, with his chest pushing up against my back. I reacted instantly – turning quickly to face what, I thought, was a threat. No one was there. Fear overcame me, taking hold of my instincts. I rushed out of the storeroom and ran up the stairs as if being chased. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was right behind me, following me. At the top of the stairs in the main room I stood feeling humiliated. What was that? I’m a grown man, running out of the basement like a little child. I hoped nobody saw me. I knew Kaila was around the corner in the kitchen so I had to catch my breath and compose myself. Out of embarrassment and confusion I didn’t tell her what happened to me that night. I never experienced anything like that and I couldn’t explain it.

A Shadowy Figure

Kaila was closing the shop on a Sunday night. It was almost 9PM and the last few customers had said their goodbye’s and headed home. The shop was empty. Kaila stepped out on to the deck for a few minutes before starting the closing duties. From outside she saw movement near the counter, from the corner of her eye. She looked up startled, as she thought everyone had left, to see the figure of a tall man walk towards the espresso machine and round the corner into the kitchen area behind the counter. She jumped up to go inside and help the man. She opened the door, looked inside, but didn’t see anyone there. She went back behind the counter. Empty. She thought maybe it was Jack. So she went upstairs into the office: no one. She checked downstairs and throughout the shop with the eerie feeling that she was being watched. But the shop was empty and she was all alone.

Creeping the Storeroom

One evening, a few months back, a customer was downstairs working on her laptop for a few hours. When she was finished she came upstairs to drop off her coffee cup in the bus bin and ask Kaila a few questions about the downstairs.

She asked, “Is that side room an office space?”

Kaila, puzzled, responded “No, that’s our storage area. Why?”

The customer turned white with shock. “Um… So you don’t rent that space out to anyone?”

“No, why do you ask?” Kaila responded.

“Um… About an hour ago, someone opened the door from the inside the storage area and peeked out at me, then closed the door.” She explained. “I thought maybe the volume on my laptop was disturbing him and that you rented out that space as an office.”

“That’s really weird.” Kaila said. “No one has been down there tonight.”

Mysterious Events

The night Kaila and I got married the motion sensor above the retail fridge triggered 6 times throughout the night. The worst part is that the city charges us $250 per false alarm as they send a Police Officer out each time. The report from ADT showed it caught motion at six different times between 10PM and 4AM. The shop was closed, the alarm was set. The police reported at each event that there was no one in or at the shop. The strange thing is that ADT inspected the sensor and reported it was working properly. There were no spider webs or insects in the area and we are meticulous about pest control and have not seen evidence of a rodent since we took over North Star. That sensor aims through the kitchen, the office stairs and across the counter, into the main floor seating area. What’s interesting about that is we have recorded footsteps traveling up and down the stairs after close – while no one was in the shop. A  tall dark shadow figure has been seen on numerous occasions, by almost all of our staff, moving through the main floor, around the counter and up the stairs into the office.  By the way, the events took place Friday the 13th of this past September.

Staff, customers and I all having so many strange experiences we finally decided to take some action. We contacted the Portland Oregon Paranormal Society (P.O.P.S) to see if they can help. They agreed. After scouting our location and hearing the stories from us and our staff P.O.P.S. conducted a full paranormal investigation, using the latest high-tech equipment, on the night of October 12th of this month. What they found was extraordinary….


To be continued


CUP may be the only haunted coffee shop in North Portland but, we hate to say, sometimes we get up-tight about it. Located in the Kenton District of North Portland. Open late until 9PM. Outdoor patio, downstairs study hall and main floor common area. 

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