10 Quick and Great Reasons To Go Vegetarian

Way back when being vegetarian was being the odd one out – but now, as the movement has grown in popularity, it’s easier than ever to go veggie! Everywhere you go nowadays, there’s a vegetarian or even vegan option to accommodate those who don’t eat meat. Vegetarianism has been endorsed by celebrities from Morrissey to Natalie Portman, and more doctors than ever before are advocating for vegetarianism as the healthy choice.

It used to be that eating meat was necessary for survival. As we live in an age where meat is a commodity, consuming it is now a lifestyle choice rather than a necessity. It’s also often an unhealthy lifestyle choice, contributing to health issues like obesity and heart disease.

We also live in an era of increasing animal rights and environmental concerns, wherein eschewing meat is crucial for adhering to better morals. So, whether you are turning to vegetarianism because of an animal rights movement, or simply because you want to get healthier, the benefits of going vegetarian are numerous. It’s never been easier, or tastier!

The top 10 reasons to become vegetarian

1. Eat plants, live longer

Numerous studies have shown that those who eat a plant-based lifestyle live longer. One such study, in the British Medical Journal, found that vegetarians live longer than meat-eaters by an average of six years!  This is because the health benefits of being veggie are huge – vegetarian diets are usually rich in fiber, nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which all strengthen the immune system and slow down the aging process. It can also reverse many diseases.

2. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in many societies today, and vegetarian diets are naturally lower in saturated fats and cholesterol (which cause heart disease). As well as having a lower risk of heart disease, a vegetarian diet can actually reverse coronary heart disease!


3. Reduce cancer risk

There is some evidence to suggest that vegetarians have a lower rate of cancer than others who eat meat. Meat consumption, particularly red meat, has consistently been linked to cancer as it is a carcinogenic. Eating your fruits and veggies has never been easier, or better for you!

4. Reduce your risk of obesity

Obesity is an epidemic sweeping the Western world, and owes to a lifestyle that does not favor health – supersize meals, BBQs, and stress-eating. Simply changing our diets to one more plant-based can have huge effects on the risk of obesity, actually lowering the chance of becoming obese by 43{c33c21346ff5e26ab8e0ae3d29ae4367143f0d27c235e34c392ea37decdb8bed}!

5. Lose weight, and keep it off

Following a vegetarian diet has been proven to make the dieter lose twice as much weight as a meat-eater. A vegetarian diet does wonders for the metabolism!

6. Combat climate change

Global warming is rapidly increasing the likelihood of the end of life as we know it. By the mid-20th century, as global temperatures spike, rising sea levels, and climate crises will become the norm. You can help counter this by simply skipping the meat – animal agriculture creates huge amounts of greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change.

7. Animals have feelings too

Whatever your stance on animal emotions, there’s no denying that they feel pain like any other living creature, and factory farms are inhumane and outdated places of cruelty.

8. Feel better emotionally

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Whether it’s from not eating our lovely feathered and furred friends, or due to the lower levels of arachidonic acid in plant-based diets, being a vegetarian is great for your mental health!

9. Avoid toxic bacteria

Meat is full of bad bacteria – hormones, herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics. This is because they’re fed to animals like cows during the factory farming process, and become concentrated in

animal flesh.

10. It’s economically more sensible!

Aside from meat costing more than your average veggie meal, you’ll save a bunch on healthcare costs in the future!

Who is the author?

Katherine Rundell is a content writer at UKWritings and Academized. She enjoys hiking and traveling, as well as cooking delicious vegetarian food. Also, she blogs on the Boomessays website.

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