3 health benefits of apples | Food and Cooking

Even though their peak freshness season is fall, apples have grown so ubiquitous that they are usually available year-round in grocery stores. European settlers first brought apple seeds to the U.S. in the 1600s; now, there are 7,500 known varieties of apples worldwide. Whether you like the green, red, yellow or multicolor ones, apples have numerous health benefits and are a fantastic part of your diet.

Vitamins and nutrients‌

According to Healthline, eating one medium-sized apple a day is enough to fulfill the your daily needed amount of fruit. They are super high in immune- and skin-boosting vitamin C; one apple has 14% of your recommended daily intake. Apples contain other vitamins, such as potassium, vitamin K and B6.

They are also a fantastic source of fiber, which makes you feel full, helps keep your gut bacteria healthy and can help lower your cholesterol. Because of their high fiber and water content, apples are a good choice for a filling, healthy snack or part of a balanced meal.

Health benefits

“An apple a day” can help you eat overall less calories, which contributes to weight loss. Plus, apples are linked to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, fewer instances of stroke and heart attack, and a lower risk for Type 2 diabetes (due to their low glycemic index) and asthma.

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