9 Store-Bought Vegan Dips You Need to Try

9 Store-Bought Vegan Dips You Need to Try – VegOut Magazine

9 Store-Bought Vegan Dips You Need to Try

Oct 2, 2020 BY: Mohini Patel

Grocery aisles are stocked with cheesy vegan sauce, creamy hummus, and tangy tzatziki—ideal to spruce up your appetizer, meal, or snack. Here are nine vegan dips you need in your right pantry now.


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Core & Rind—a women-owned brand—makes a Cashew Cheesy Sauce that is available in Bold & Spicy, Rich & Smoky, and Tangy & Sharp. The plant-based, paleo, and keto-friendly condiment is packed with healthy fats from cashews and contains full-flavored spices to kick your mac ‘n’ cheese up a notch. Head over to the chip aisle and grab some today—these jars are shelf-stable.

Core & Rind

Queso with a kick! Good Foods provides creamy condiments made with veggies and nuts. The queso-style dip contains only 3 net carbs, no added oils, and pairs well with veggies. Found in the refrigerated section of major retailers, such as Target, this product is a must-try!

Good Foods

The Honest Stand—a Colorado-based brand—uses cashews, carrots, and onions to create a veggie-filled dip that tastes like cheese. The secret ingredient? Nutritional yeast— that vegan pantry staple. The Spicy Nacho is our favorite, but there are five flavors to choose from. We like to eat this one warmed up—sometimes by the spoonful!

The Honest Stand

Siete is known for their cassava-based grain-free chips, which pair perfectly with their cashew queso sold nationwide in two flavors—Spicy Blanco and Mild Nacho. The brand uses coconut milk powder to provide a thicker consistency, keeping the sauce dairy-free and paleo-friendly.


Trader Joe’s is known for cranking out vegan-friendly items, including Fiesta Cashew Dip. We suggest you warm it up for 30 seconds before mixing into freshly cooked pasta or DIY nachos. Their Dill Pickle Hummus is also a crowd favorite. The tangy flavor adds an unexpected twist to traditional store-bought hummus. The snack, served with creamy vegan cheese and crackers, will elevate your vegan charcuterie board.

Trader Joe's

Fabalish—a plant-based and allergen-friendly company—offers a must-try Vegan Tzatziki Aquafaba Sauce. The sauce uses aquafaba (chickpea water) to replace the yogurt in the original Greek classic. Pro tip: Drizzle your falafel and roasted veggies with tzatziki for an authentic taste.


Bitchin’ Sauce—an almond-based dip—uses simple ingredients like spices, liquid aminos, and nutritional yeast. The dip is higher in protein at 2g per tablespoon, so generously dress your plant-based tacos with our favorite flavor, Chipotle. Select flavors such as the Original and Chipotle are sold at Target nationwide—use their store locator to find them near you and stock up.

Bitchin' Sauce

DELIGHTED BY Desserts comes ready to dip, spread, or eat straight from the container. The dessert hummus is a dippable consistency for graham crackers, apples, vegan marshmallows, pretzels and more. Our favorites include the Edible Brownie Batter, Snickerdoodle Cookie, and Pumpkin Pie (seasonal).


Mother Raw supplies an organic cashew-free alternative that is formulated for those looking for healthier options. The four dip varieties contain cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and hemp seeds to provide healthy fats.

Mother Raw

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