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Dear Amy: My daughter is in her 30s. Her boyfriend has decided to be totally vegan. She has decided to be vegan, too, which is fine. They’re adults and they will do what they believe is best.

My question concerns these new dietary restrictions.

At some point they may have children. I would like advice about whether being vegan is good for children in utero, and as they develop.

Is it healthy and advisable?

These kids will be in situations over their lives when traveling, at social situations, or during holidays where they may have to make eating choices that are not compatible with plant-based diets.

I understand the benefits of a plant-based diet and the impact on saving the planet, but still I worry about an entire diet and lifestyle approach that the kids must follow (with no choice) because their parents believe in it.

My approach will probably be that if you would like me to feed the kids something, let me know in advance so I can figure out how to provide it.

I’m curious if there’s research about how plant-based diets influence the development of young children. — Concerned Mom

Dear Concerned: You really are putting the cart before the carrot, here (in fact, the cart is in the barn, and the carrot hasn’t even been planted yet). As a relationship adviser, my first bit of feedback is that, even though you assert that these people are adults and have the right to feed their own bodies, you don’t seem to really believe in their ability to use discernment to make good choices down the road.

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