Ayesha Curry Says She Recently Totally Changed Her Perspective On Food

Photo credit: Christine Giordano
Photo credit: Christine Giordano

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Ayesha Curry is a boss. While growing her family, she also casually built an empire. The mother of three—who’s married to NBA superstar Steph Curry—had made a name for herself as a cookbook author, restaurant owner, and meal-kit and cookware entrepreneur (and that’s just the beginning).

Considering how many projects she’s juggling, Ayesha’s ball skills rival Steph’s. Whether she’s partnering with No Kid Hungry or working with her husband on their nonprofit Eat. Learn. Play., Ayesha is on a mission to live well—and help others do the same.

Unsurprisingly, for Ayesha, a big part of living well (and balancing her jam-packed schedule) centers around food.

“These past two years, since I turned 30, I’ve started to consider how food can really make a difference in the way that I feel and look,” she tells Women’s Health. “My career is in food and I’m a firm believer in eating what you love. I’m not a dieter. For me, it was really about learning how to exercise portion control and living that 80/20 life.”

This perspective shift—and a love affair with her FitBit Versa 2—helped Ayesha recently lose 35 pounds. “My Fitbit truly helped me figure out my health and wellness and navigate through this journey.”

Ultimately, though, a healthy lifestyle isn’t all about the physical results for Ayesha. “It’s about how I feel inside and pacing myself so that, the things I’ve picked up over the past year can truly become part of my day-to-day routine,” she says.

Here’s how Ayesha’s wellness focus comes to life on her plate most days.


Ayesha always starts her day by hydrating. “Typically, I have a glass of hot water with some lemon in it,” she says. “I love it; it warms me up and makes me feel good.”

Next up: coffee! “Then, I do a version of a bulletproof coffee with a little bit of ghee and a little bit of MCT oil.”

Her fat-fueled coffee gets Ayesha revved and ready to go—until she snacks on half an avocado an hour or two later.

Then, before lunch (while her kiddos nap), it’s workout time. “I have to keep my workouts exciting and fresh and different,” she says. “Sometimes it’s biking or high-intensity interval training, others it’s a jump rope workout or a workout on the Fitbit app.”


After her sweat sesh, it’s time to eat. “After my workout, I’ll have some sort of salad with protein,” Ayesha says. “I’ve been loving shaved Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale with salmon.”

Of course, she whips up her own DIY salad dressing to complement the ingredients on her plate. “I shake up a little bit of maple syrup, olive oil, lemon, and Dijon mustard in a mason jar,” she says. “Other times, it’s just like a little squeeze of lime and some honey.”


Ayesha isn’t much of a snacker, so she usually just sips on some healthy bevvies throughout the afternoon. “I usually sip on water or herbal tea until dinnertime,” she says. “I’m an herbal tea girl. I love anything with lavender and chamomile.”

When she does get munchy, though, she loves banana chips, half a banana, or jicama. “I also carrot sticks and hummus or ranch chickpeas snacks. They’re so yummy.” (She’s super into Biena Rockin’ Ranch Chickpea Snacks right now.)


When it’s time for dinner, Ayesha fills her plate with protein and lots of veggies. “Dinnertime creeps up so fast, so I often turn to the sheet pan dinner,” she says. “I just throw everything on the sheet pan and pop it in a high-temp oven.”

You can expect that sheet pan to be loaded with green stuff. “We’re like a Brussel sprouts, asparagus, and broccoli family,” Ayesha says. “We love green veggies.”

Stir fries are also among her go-to’s for family dinners. Usually, she’ll cook up a protein like shrimp, turkey, fish, or ground lamb in high heat on the stove. Then, she serves it up with a yummy sauce and veggies over a nutritious rice alternative. “I’ve been loving this stuff called RightRice right now,” she says. (It looks and tastes a lot like rice, but is made with lentils and chickpeas!)


Over the years, Ayesha’s taste in sweets have shifted a lot. “In my 20s, I was the girl that would go to a restaurant and want to see the dessert menu first,” she says. Now, by the end of the meal, I’m not even craving dessert that much.”

Two sweet treats she does love, though: cereal and fruit with whipped cream. “Honestly, I love a good bowl of cereal. There’s something satisfying about it,” Ayesha says. “I also do enjoy some late-night fruit.”

And, though she doesn’t crave it too often when she’s in her routine, Ayesha enjoys a small glass of wine (either cabernet sauvignon, which she makes with her sister-in-law, or sauvignon blanc) here and there.

Treat Days

On one weekend day each week (usually Sundays, but lately Saturdays), Ayesha camps out in her kitchen and whips up a full-on feast.

“I always have a day a week where I’m in the kitchen and just preparing something new and fun and indulgent,” she says. “It really works for me; I always have that day to look forward to. It’s the best day ever every single week.”

Recently, she created and fully enjoyed a feast of authentic Indian cuisine (check it out in her Instagram Stories) with her entire family. (I’m officially crossing my fingers for a treat day invite sometime soon.)

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