Christmas 2020: Utah’s most popular Christmas dinner, dessert recipes revealed

A new survey has revealed every state’s most popular dinner and dessert recipe distributed during the Christmas season.

What’s going on?

A team of researchers at Treetopia recently looked into the most popular Christmas dinner and dessert recipes for each state. The researchers used 2019 Google Trends data to see how often certain recipes were researched online.

  • Overall, roast carrots and sweet potato casseroles led the way for dinner.
  • For dessert, sugar cookies sprinkled their way to the top of the list.

What about Utah?

Utah was slightly on the same path as the rest of the country.

  • The state’s most popular dish was stuffing.
  • Sugar cookies topped the list for desserts in Utah.

A deeper dive and breakdown:

The report broke down ranked each of the most popular dinners and desserts based on how many states searched for the specific food item. Here’s how it broke down.

Most popular savory Christmas recipes

  • Roast carrots (7 states).
  • Sweet potato casserole (7 states).
  • Mashed potatoes (5 states).
  • Stuffing (5 states).

Most popular sweet Christmas recipes

  • Sugar cookies (13 states).
  • Christmas cookies (10 states).
  • Fruitcake (9 states).
  • Pecan pie (5 states).