Coffee table designs that prove why this furniture is trending

I personally think a good coffee table can really light up a room. It instantly draws attention and sets the theme for the entire living room. Once a stunning coffee table has been set, you can start building the rest of the space around it – a comfy sofa, cute side tables, exquisite lighting, elegant decorative pieces, they are all brought together by the right coffee table. And even coffee tables are getting more innovative and unique by the day! From a coffee table that holds an electric fireplace to a coffee table that doubles up as a cat home for your pet – we have a whole range of interesting and exciting coffee table designs for you! These are sure to bind your whole living room together, creating a coherent and aesthetic space.

1. The Cloth Coffee Table

Characterized by its curved bookstand that works as the table’s centerpiece, the Cloth coffee table’s curvy personality is echoed throughout its build. The bookstand also finds a balance between boldness and elegance, offering a weighty centerpiece that helps ground the coffee table, without dominating the available tablespace. Featuring softly bold elements like an undulating table edge that mimics the look of a live edge, the Cloth coffee table keeps a dynamic profile without dominating the room.

2. Hearth

Max Burton is seeking to return to modern households with a coffee table appropriately named “Hearth.” At first glance, it looks like a stylish but normal table with a black tabletop and a shuttered base. Even in this dormant state, it already functions as a beautiful centerpiece for people to gather, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Twist that tabletop clockwise like a giant dial, and the slanted fins at the base open up, revealing the electric heater inside.

3. The Threefold

The modular furniture brings to the users a lounger they can lay back on with support, or it can instantly transform into a low stool for the aged who cannot sit cross-legged on the ground. And when you want to keep your food or a board game you’re carrying along, the Threefold can become a sturdy table. A perfect companion for picnics and camping, the Threefold construction is supported by stretchers and is safe and secure to use. The Threefold prototype they have perfected is made from laminated neoprene with a layer of light plywood sandwiched in between.

4. Zhang’s LEGO Coffee Table

Yusong Zhang built a coffee table using around 10,000 LEGO bricks! He put the table together without using glue or screws. The colorful table is two feet tall and four feet long. It’s an intriguing piece with white blocks on the outside., and red, yellow, and green blocks as you move inwards. “I always had [a] love for Lego as a toy, but wanted to challenge myself to build something truly functional without sacrificing the aesthetic and creativity that’s rooted in Lego designs,” said Zhang.

5. The Levels Table

Designed by Deniz Aktay (@dezin_design), the Levels table features numerous intricate layers of plywood, each positioned one above the other, allowing you to store books, magazines, and documents in between them! The top surface functions as a table, with one of its edges serving as a little cutout nook to store your other knick-knacks in! The table will have you mesmerized with its multiple levels of storage.

6. Miu

Miu is a minimal and elegant coffee table, that would fit perfectly into your living room, functioning not only as a stunning centerpiece but as a comfy nook for your cat. Something about Miu almost reminds me of a mushroom! A circular wooden platform serves as the tabletop, whereas the lower body is bulbous in shape and a warm chocolate brown in color. The bulbous body is hollow from within, with a little kitty-sized entrance. Your pet can easily enter the table, and snuggle up inside.

7. The & Chair

Much like its name, the chair actually mimics the ‘&’ sign, which also represents its multifunctional nature. Based on how it’s placed, and its position – the furniture piece can function as a coffee table, high stool, and a low stool or bench. Pretty ingenious, no? When placed upright and vertically, the & Chair functions as a high stool, that could make an interesting bar stool! When placed horizontally – it can function either as a coffee table or low stool, depending on which side it is placed upon. When used as a coffee table, the & Chair provides ample storage space to place your magazines, books, and other personal belongings.

8. The Mubic Table

Clean lines and rotating legs – these are the fundamentals on which the Mubic table performs its magic – transforming from a coffee table to a 2, 4, and even 6 people dining table without disassembling it. Transforming your furniture should not be like putting together a complicated puzzle box; rather, it should involve an intuitive process that just makes sense. The table legs have been joined with a custom-designed part, which Katalin says was the most challenging aspect in designing the table. This part allows the legs to rotate in different directions while retaining the stability of the design.

9. The Cat Chair

The Cat Chair is a hexagonal piece of furniture where your cat can rest and also explore. Made from pinewood and a high-density sponge, the Cat Chair features a small lower compartment with cubby holes on each side of the stool for cats to slink in and out of as they choose. The lower compartment allows room for the cat to hide away and relax in isolation, while the stool’s sponge cushion provides an open space for the cat to lounge or even sunbathe. Cats can weave in and out of the Cat Chair cubby holes or rest atop its sponge cushion. When owners want to join their cats on the floors, the sponge cushion can be removed to become a floor pad.


Designed by Deniz Aktay (@dezin_design), the Propeller coffee table consists of three symmetrical semicircles connected together in a seamless manner. The semicircles have been crafted from wood, and they sturdily support a glass tabletop. The intriguing furniture design is a sculptural and geometrically unique take on the conventional coffee tables we’ve grown so accustomed to.

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