COMO Cooks kitchen rental space opens on The Loop

Creative Columbia cooks seeking to expand their home businesses to a more commercial venture now have the opportunity, thanks to the COMO Cooks kitchens at Mizzou North. 

The kitchen space is a project of Columbia-based Regional Economic Development Inc. and The Loop Community Improvement District. 

The organizations received approval last month to open the commercial kitchen rental space. Columbia and other area residents seeking to either start a food-related business or expand what they already have established will use the facility.

Clients are in the onboarding process now, The Loop Executive Director Carrie Gartner said. Those seeking to use the kitchen space include caterers, barbecue sauce makers, prepared meal cooks and bakers. They are being assisted in that process by kitchen manager Bryan Maness. 

Maness has more than 20 years experience in kitchen management, first working at various Columbia restaurants before he helped open and manage Broadway Brewery. He was there through 2012, when he shifted gears to be the general manager of Cafe Berlin for a year. He then opened the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co. Food Truck in 2013, which he continues to operate.