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Andrea Hammack

Lifestyle Editor

Consuming a vegetarian or vegan diet can prove to be a difficult task in a world full of fast-food places, and eating on campus gives you options but is still limiting. But cooking for yourself can be a satisfying way to eat a compassionate, healthy diet 

Though some believe otherwise, eating vegetarian or vegan is super easy and cheap when done right! Here are some items to add to your list next time you’re wanting more than Ramen for dinner. 

Beans and rice. Beans are full of protein, cheap and very filling, and they can be paired with rice and veggies. One of my favorite things to make is a stripped-down version of a burrito bowl with rice, beans, tofu and some guacamole. It may not sound fun to eat, but there are ways to spice these items up so that you can incorporate them into more of your meals. 

Potatoes have never disappointed me. Potatoes are easily one of the best foods ever. They can be cooked in multiple different ways, and they’re easy to make even if you don’t have a lot of options. Cutting up a potato and an onion in a pan with some butter and your favorite spices is the perfect way to get a filling meal without breaking the bank. Plus, you can usually fix enough in advance to have leftovers for the next few meals ahead! Potatoes can even be used to make a great cheese sauce. Check out the recipe below!

Overnight oats for breakfast has slowly become one of my favorite starts to the day. It sounds cliche, but it’s so easy to put some oats in your milk of choice with some fruit, agave, vanilla and a pinch of salt in the fridge at night. It’s one of the most filling and cheap ways to get in a good breakfast before class. Plus, if you put it in a small mason jar, it’s an easy on-the-go meal!

Pasta should be a go-to for any college student on a budget. It’s a quick meal than can be personalized in so many ways. Sauces are usually cheap, and it’s easy to make your own if you want, as well. Mix seasonal veggies in and it’s even better.

Frozen veggies. Most people think that as someone who doesn’t eat meat, you’re super health-conscious and only eat fresh foods, but this is not always the case. Naturally eating only veggies is healthy, but getting fresh foods is a bit more expensive, and they tend not to last as long as frozen or canned. It’s way easier to have a full meal with veggies that you can keep on standby for when they’re needed. 

It’s important to recognize it’s easier than ever to have a plant-based diet with a whole world of meat substitutes and dairy-free desserts out there. However, it can sometimes get expensive with the low demand for those products. It’s good to indulge yourself occasionally, but in order to stay within budget, you might have to sacrifice those in your daily life. Eating vegetarian and vegan on a budget can seem overwhelming, but there are so many cheaper options that are still just as delicious. Digging to find the things you like most, you’re bound to discover new flavors to 

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