Food is a precious resource that often goes to waste

How many of these behaviors do you recognize?

  • Buying or cooking more food than you can eat.
  • Buying food products transported from distant sources when you could buy the same thing from local producers.
  • Buying produce from faraway places like California, Mexico, and Chile.
  • Buying produce that is out of season and tasteless and then throwing it away.
  • Buying too much perishable food (meat/milk products/produce/deli) and then throwing it away.
  • Succumbing to BOGO and sale offers or buying in bulk when you don’t need it.
  • Throwing away food that has exceeded sell-by date, but still looks good.
  • Buying “baby carrots” instead of whole carrots.
  • Searching through produce displays to find the “perfect” apple/pear/cucumber, etc.
  • Your freezer is a black hole where things go in and never come out.
  • Buying ingredients on impulse for inspirations that don’t last beyond the store exit.
  • Going to the grocery store without checking to see what you have on hand.
  • Planning meals, then eating out or picking up because you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Throwing away leftovers because they have been in the fridge too long.