Genshin Impact: How To Cook Food

Genshin Impact’s healing items aren’t potions or crystals but are full-course meals which players will be required to cook if they plan on healing.

Cooking is one of the most important skills a player can utilize in Genshin Impact. Enemies can pack quite a punch, and players will need a lot of cooked food on hand if they want to stand a chance against the brutal nature of Treyvat. Luckily, cooking food is quite simple and can be mastered in no time at all.

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Each character has a set amount of health, and when drained, that character will become unconscious. The healing items in Genshin Impact aren’t potions or crystals but are full-course meals that players can make themselves. While a player with low health can gorge themselves with apples until they reach mac health again, cooking the proper meals before heading out on an adventure can make life easier for a brave adventurer. Here’s how to cook proper meals in Genshin Impact. 

How To Cook In Genshin Impact


First, players will need to find recipes and the right ingredients. If players talk to the Adventurers Guild members outside of the city of Mondstadt, she will give a brief rundown of how cooking works along with some complimentary recipes. These recipes can be viewed at can cooking stations throughout Treyvat, and they will list which ingredients players need. Additionally, players can buy recipes and ingredients from restaurants and vendors in big cities. Some recipes are also given to the player upon completing certain missions.

Once the player has the recipe they want, they will need to find the ingredients. Each recipe will list the ingredients necessary to cook, and each ingredient will provide the player with a location where they can find said ingredient. It is best for the player to pick up wildflowers, fruit, vegetables, and any other items they may come across on their journey just in case they need it later. After the ingredients are found, cooking is as simple as selecting the meal they want to make and stopping the bar in the correct location on the screen. However, cooking can only be done at cooking stations which are frequently found at enemy camps and other locations around the map.

Lastly, players need to pay attention to the status effects of the meals they make. Some meals will give increased strength, while other will revive incapacitated characters. Players do not need to waste their ingredients on meals they won’t use, so read the effects of each meal before it is cooked. Cooked meals provide more health than raw ingredients, and meals with status boosters can help players in heated battles.

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Genshin Impact is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.

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