Gov. Polis proclaims Saturday as “Meat Out Day:” spurs “Meat In Day” from other side

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Saturday is “Meat Out” day in the state of Colorado.

Governor Jared Polis made the proclamation on the event earlier this month, encouraging people not to eat meat for a day.

But this hasn’t been met with open arms from everyone, especially ranchers and others in the cattle industry, which is spurring some to celebrate the day in different ways.

The governor’s proclamation basically set off dueling movements: “Meat Out Day” and “Meat In Day.”

The governor issued the proclamation in an attempt to cut greenhouse gases through a statewide meat-free diet day. But once ranchers and other heard this, many (including other states) took over the day in their own way and are calling it a “Meat In Day” encouraging people to support farmers, ranchers, butcher shops and other people in the meat industry.

One Colorado rancher who says this can hurt people like him.

“This nonsense about having a meat out day really hit all the farmers and ranchers hard because we need to sell beef in order to to survive,” Bob Bledsoe said. “And can you imagine what it be going to like going through eastern Colorado without a little small towns without the gas stations, without the grocery stores, convenience stores, first aid, ambulances, hospitals? Even if there’s no agriculture in eastern Colorado, anybody travels through here better not have a problem.”

One vegetarian/vegan restaurant owner says this is a good time to experiment and support all restaurants, no matter what they specialize in.

”Absolutely a moment to experiment. Learning how to cook vegan food and cook it well can be a challenge,” Farley McDonough, the owner of Adam’s Mountain Cafe said. “There are people out there doing cooking classes like JL Fields, but you can start in a restaurant such as ours and other restaurants doing that too and just experience what really good vegan food can taste like then go back and make the choice to try and do it yourself.”

Governor Polis released a statement after he receiving criticism for the proclamation, saying that he still supports the meat industry and doesn’t want to take away from the work they do in the state.

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