How Healthy Crunch Is Disrupting the Packaged Foods Industry with Unique and Innovative Products

When it comes to snack foods, most people let their diets go for a toss. Some people go for sweet, others prefer salty, and potato chips are in a class of their own. That salt-laden crunchy yumminess is great instant gratification that will translate to the scale, just like ice cream. Julie Bednarski, CEO & Founder of Healthy Crunch, wants us to have our chips and eat them too.

Bednarski started Healthy Crunch in 2014 to provide healthy snacking alternatives using kale. Combining the entrepreneurship in her blood with her love for food and qualification as a registered dietician, Julie Bednarski set out to make nutritious snacks packed with flavor. And these snacks can be consumed by nearly anyone as they do not contain major allergens, are gluten-free, and very low in sugar. This social consciousness goes a long way with people who have dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Like so many of us, Julie Bednarski loves to snack. To keep things on the healthier side, she was usually reaching for kale chips, a better for you snack alternative to potato chips. There was just one problem: she couldn’t find the perfect kale chip that gave her the size, flavor, and crunch she craved. This inspired Bednarski to make one herself. The result was a huge hit and paved the way for Healthy Crunch’s other healthy and delicious products like granola bars, trail mix, seed butters, and chia jams.

These products have created a significant disruption in the packaged foods industry. There has been a lengthy demand for healthier snacks that taste great. With Healthy Crunch, not only did Bednarski meet this demand, she has far exceeded it. While children love the foods from Healthy Crunch, the options are being applauded by parents and schools. Healthy Crunch’s innovation has led to healthy snacks that kids actually ask for!

Healthy Crunch has the additional distinction of being a woman-owned-and-operated business that won Bednarski the 2018 Star Women in Grocery Award. The company was started without investors and has shown itself to be a leader in innovation. Currently based in Ontario, Healthy Crunch has its sights set on expanding into the United States in May 2021. If you thought they shook up the industry in Canada, wait and see what happens when these crunchy treats launch in America!

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