How Meal Delivery Services Can Help Your New Year’s Resolution Of Eating Better

2020 has been a really rough year for all of us. Thankfully, it’s now all over, and as we finally settle into 2021, it’s time to take a small breather, reflect on the year, and of course, start planning how to become healthier.

Of course, when we talk about becoming healthier, we don’t mean trying out a diet and then shifting to the next, nor are we talking about only the first 3 weeks of January. We’re talking about making better health decisions moving forward, which not surprisingly, falls in line with what is easily the most popular New Year’s resolution: lose weight.

friday 4 Per studies, people who start their dieting journey during the new year oftentimes get discouraged in less than 6 months, but this doesn’t have to be you. Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

It’s nothing new as well, because if there’s anything that we learned from the past year, it’s that we learned how important maintaining good health is, and how that can be achieved from the safety of our homes. A lot of people achieved this by learning how to cook home-made meals through the pandemic, while others took advantage of the many food delivery businesses operating today, resulting in a sharp increase in demand.

For people that want to follow up on their New Year’s resolution but don’t know where to begin, this is good news, as this rise in demand resulted in companies stepping up their ability to reliably deliver safe and healthy food to their customers. And one of the best companies to do this is easily Diet-to-Go.

Sticking to your New Year’s resolution

According to research, while losing weight is easily the most “planned” resolution by many during the start of a new year, less than half of people who set this goal are still on track after just six months. Of course, there are plenty of factors behind this. For one thing, resolutions like a better diet often die out because they’re not always sustainable, while others get discouraged because the changes aren’t immediate.

d1 Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery company that specializes in providing affordable and healthy meals straight to your doorstep. Photo:

Diet-to-Go however, changes all this by not only providing you with an affordable option to help you make better habits, but guiding you all throughout your new health journey.

First off, Diet-to-Go is committed to making healthy meals both easy and affordable, removing two factors that people trying to be healthy may encounter: that eating healthy can be expensive and that preparing them can be hard, especially for those that don’t have any experience cooking.

Another thing is that the meal delivery company intends on delivering fresh, delicious, low-calorie and nutritionally-balanced meals, which is why they work in tandem with some of the best chefs in the business in their USDA-certified kitchen. This removes the need for planning, shopping, and preparing that not all of us may have the time for. Additionally, all the ingredients that Diet-to-Go uses are all guaranteed fresh and sustainably sourced.

Healthy meal delivery

d2 Diet-to-Go also provides multiple diet options to make sure your preferences are well-accounted for. Photo:

Of course, with a pandemic technically still ongoing, the question as to whether how meal delivery companies guarantee their food is safe and clean comes into question. For Diet-to-Go, the answer is years of preparation.

“Diet-to-Go delivery personnel wear gloves, and last-mile delivery to homes and offices is executed contact-free,” said company CEO Hilton Davis.

“Before meal preparation begins, all food contact surfaces, equipment, walls, floors, doors and sinks undergo a complete wash-down with cleansing and industrial-grade, multi-purpose sanitizers. This is followed by a supervisor inspection according to a set checklist of control points. In this way, any item that comes into contact with food through the production process is clean and sanitized,” said Davis, adding that Diet-to-Go’s facilities have been prepared for problems like COVID-19 before it even arrived.

As for the food selection, you’d be glad to know that Diet-to-Go offers multiple diet options that are flexible enough to not only meet your preferences but make sure they’re also balanced. At the moment, this includes the Balance Menu, Balance-Diabetes Menu, Keto-Carb30, and the vegetarian menu.

If none of these menus cater to your taste, Diet-to-Go also lets you easily personalize your own menu, swap out meals, or switch plans through their own app.

Community support

d3 To further help you with your journey, Diet-to-Go also provides you with a community filled with people that have like-minded goals. Photo:

To further support your journey, Diet-to-Go’s services doesn’t end with their healthy meal deliveries, as getting a meal plan for the company also gives you access to a community filled with resources and programs that can make your journey easier even as you stay busy with your life. This includes an entire team of health professionals and getting surrounded by like-minded people that share similar goals.

For more info about Diet-to-Go’s pricing and services, you may click here.

As we all move forward to 2021 and the challenges it may offer, companies like Diet-to-Go are slowly changing the way we can approach healthy eating, while also adjusting itself to better meet our needs. This means that New Year’s resolutions are now easier to get more than ever, and for many, that’s a good way to really start the year.