How The Office Coffee Guy Has Become Essential To Workplace Happiness

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Anyone who works in an office is likely well aware of the fact that coffee is the beverage king of the castle. And that is precisely why “the office coffee guy” has become essential to workplace happiness. Here, we will be exploring the ideology of the office coffee guy to learn a bit more about why his duties are so valued and essential, as well as what the latest office trends are in terms of beverages and more.

More Than A Cup Of Coffee

The office coffee guy has become essential to workplace happiness by providing so much more than just your regular cup of joe. In fact, many offices are now offering more health-conscious and trending product options in break rooms to keep their employees healthy and more motivated.

One of the top ways the office coffee guy has become essential to workplace happiness is by offering healthier foods in order to encourage employees to create better in-office eating habits. Donuts and fatty pastries loaded with sugar are a thing of the past in the office. Now, the office coffee guy is providing employees with healthier food choices like yogurt, granola, bagels and fruit for that hectic morning meeting, or wraps, sandwiches and salads for the business lunch.

The office coffee guy is also supplying his colleagues with workplace happiness by realizing that not everyone in the office even likes coffee. He has run with that thought and started to offer employees the option of both coffee and tea, opening the doors to allow a choice in what they prefer to drink and enjoy at the office throughout the day.

It may seem like an incredibly simple thing to do, but these small changes can make a world of difference for employees to be able to recharge quickly and stay energized for longer durations of time.

Office Beverage Trends

Kombucha and other trending drinks on the rise with beverage distributors are other top-rated options implemented in the workplace to keep employees active, energized and productive throughout the day. They are also being served as a means to help keep employees away from more harmful, sugar-laced products like soft drinks.

All too often, the office workplace is not seen as a pillar of health providing options to employees that are actually good for their health. Vending machines are packed full of nothing but fatty foods, sugar-filled candy bars and empty calories. For decades now, they are what employees have turned to during the afternoon slump when seeking a quick pick-me-up or jolt of energy in order to keep them going until closing time. This downward spiral can even lead to underproductive and often overweight employees.

This unfortunate trend is something that needs to come to a screeching halt, and the office coffee guy has taken it upon himself to do something about it. The times are rapidly changing and more and more people are seeking to live healthier, active, more productive lives both inside and outside the office. Employees spend a large amount of their time at the workplace, and that is precisely why good health should be made a priority there.

Lessons From The Office Coffee Guy

Employers can take note of the importance of sticking with the times and improving the items that are kept in the office break room. Vending machines stocked with junk need to become a thing of the past, and healthier options need to be implemented in the workplace in order to ensure the success and overall productivity of employees. This isn’t something costly for companies to do, and the more companies that latch on to the ideology that “a happy employee is a productive employee,” the better businesses will be able to grow and thrive in the long run.

Let’s be real here. This is 2022 and employees deserve more than just your standard cup of black coffee. If you are really lucky, your office may supply you with real coffee creamer and not just the powdered stuff—but the break room should still offer hard workers more than that.

The break room should be an area where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the office, enjoy a nice beverage or snack, and just have a few moments to regain your senses. We can most certainly all learn something from the office coffee guy who is going above and beyond to provide higher quality and healthier items for the employees at their company.

Productivity and continued success start within ourselves, and we simply cannot be our best, happiest selves when we are fueling our body with foods that are harming us and downplaying our capability. It’s time to step up and take a note from the office coffee guy who is trying his best to ensure the employees around him are happy and well taken care of.

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