How to cook food in Core Keeper

Core Keeper tasks players with exploring the underground while maintaining a health and food bar. While farming in Core Keeper is vital to ensure that players always have food, explorers can cook that food to further benefit from buffs.

In Core Keeper, crafting a cooking pot is done at the Basic Workbench using two wood and six copper. Once the cooking pot is crafted and placed cooking is as simple as throwing two ingredients into the pot. Cooking in Core Keeper is an enjoyable process — players don’t need to concern about what they’re putting into the cooking pot.

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Ensure that both items are consumable, and wait to see what comes out. As players experiment with various ingredients, new food recipes will become available. Various recipes offer unique buffs, from movement speed to sizeable max health increases. Once a few recipes become known, players will likely benefit from farming and cooking specific recipes depending on the desired buffs.

Cooking within Core Keeper stems from experimentation: larva meat can be turned into a decadent steak meal, and glowing flowers can help players glow in the dark to make mining and exploration easier. While farming is a vital aspect of cooking, so is exploration: don’t be afraid to throw some monster parts into the cooking pot and see what pops up!

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