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All this means is laying the steak down in the frying pan for about 2 minutes on each side. All sides and edges of your steak should be browned before you remove it from the frying pan.

Step 3: Prepare some beef stock

All cooking in a slow cooker requires some liquid. When cooking steaks, it’s a good idea to add about 1/4 cup of beef stock. You can use stock cubes or beef stock jelly pots. Not only will this prevent your steak from drying out, but it will also add to the delicious flavor.

Step 4: Add the steak to the slow cooker

When adding steaks to the slow cooker, each steak should fit inside with some room around the edges. Crowding steaks in the pot will stop them from cooking.

Lay the steaks down flat on the bottom of the slow cooker pot before adding your beef stock over the top. Take the glass lid and place it on top.

Step 5: Choose the right cooking time and temperature

Since steaks can easily be overcooked, the best temperature setting to select on your slow cooker is “low.” Slow cook the steaks for approximately 4-6 hours, depending on how well-done you prefer your steak.

Step 6: Remove from the slow cooker and serve

Once cooking is finished, remove your steaks from the slow cooker and serve them with your sides of choice. The steaks should be juicy, tender and full of flavor.

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