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Hunger Action Network calls for more help with food insecurity

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Food insecurity is an issue all year long, but this year, the severity is more than ever. Now, the Hunger Action Network of New York State is coming together and calling for help as we get closer to the holidays.

Natasha Pernicka, of the Food Pantries for the Capital District, said this is a time where the state and federal government need to step up and fully fund resources and pass emergency aid. With the drastic need in the community, she said the programs need to be consistent and reliable.

She also added that mass food distributions are great in the short-term but more needs to be done in the long run.

“Thanksgiving is a good time to raise awareness because that’s typically when the community comes together, and we need you to know that hunger is a year-round problem,” Pernicka said. “It is simply not acceptable that more than one in 10 people are struggling with food insecurity, and we need the resources to make sure that people have consistent, reliable, healthy food throughout the year.”

Members of the Hunger Action Network of New York State said, with multiple fast food distributions weekly, they are oftentimes running out of food and turning people away. They said it is unsustainable.

They said elected officials have come and helped the pantries, but moving forward, as the days get colder, it’s going to be tough with just volunteers, and they need more assistance.