Inventive chef divides Twitter with ‘horrifying’ food combo: ‘That’s disgusting’

If there’s one thing people on the internet are good at, it’s coming up with disgusting and divisive food dishes that prompt massive debates.

On Twitter, the food combo stirring up controversy recently comes courtesy of user papafagioli. On August 13, he posted a photo of some hot dogs covered in tuna fish and mustard with the caption, noting that they were “a healthy alternative to chili dogs.”

Well, Twitter users had some choice words for the “healthy” home chef and his chili dogs substitute.

“That’s f****** disgusting,” one person said.

“I’m calling the f****** FBI,” another user joked in horror.

“Looks more like a punishment than an alternative,” a third person added.

Though papafagioli clarified in a follow-up tweet that his concerning combo was “a joke,” tuna dogs are actually a thing.

According to Brooklyn Brainery, “Friday Franks” — which are hot dogs made entirely out of tuna fish — were introduced in the late 1940s as a meat replacement for Catholics. On YouTube, user Tenamesan also made a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the tuna-covered hot dogs seen in papafagioli’s tweet. (All you really need is some buns, some franks, a can of tuna and some mustard, in case you feel like giving the combo a try.)

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