Is being a vegan really good for you? We find out

We asked Mumbai’s leading nutritionists and health experts about the best way to go on a vegan diet.

How to incorporate a vegan diet correctly

1. It’s Important To Do It The Right Way

“Veganism can be an extremely healthy way to live, provided you’re doing it correctly! If you’re having synthetically processed ‘vegan bars,’ chemicals, supplements and just loading up on carbohydrates and fats at mealtimes, you’re doing it wrong. If you want to make the switch to veganism, I’d suggest consciously infusing your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, plant-strong protein like peas, sprouts, lentils and ensuring that your diet is balanced,” says Neha Premjee, Ayurvedic Weight Loss Expert.

2. Eat Ethically Produced, Nutritious Food

“It’s absolutely an individual choice. With the ingredients and products available today, it’s possible to be vegan while getting all the necessary nutrition for the body. Whether vegan or not, I think it’s important that we are conscious of where our food is coming from and how it is produced,” remarks Aashna Sheth, Founder of Baska Foods.

3. Mindful Eating Is Key

“Thoughts on the vegan approach differ widely from person to person. Some believe it is the best for optimal health, whereas others believe it leads to severe nutritional deficiencies. In my opinion, no one approach is right or wrong, and it should really be a matter of personal preference. Bottom line: Just like any other diet or lifestyle, it’s possible to eat unhealthy while being vegan. Whether you’re dedicated to not eating animal products, or just want to increase the amount of vegan meals you’re eating, be sure to keep reading nutrition labels and paying attention to ingredients and portion sizes,” states Dhriti Udeshi, Weight Management Expert.

4. A Healthy Vegetarian Diet Could Suffice

“The Ayurvedic perspective on veganism is that it’s not necessary. Honey can be extremely beneficial in channelling toxins out of the body, ghee has medicinal properties and dairy is fine, provided the cow is treated with love and care and the calf has had its share. For this reason, while I do promote plant-heavy diets, I don’t think it’s totally necessary to go full-on vegan, a healthy vegetarian diet could suffice!” adds Neha Premjee.

5. Get Expert Advice

“A vegan diet based on natural food (not processed plant-based items) can help in reducing inflammation. On the other hand, a sudden shift without understanding nutritional needs, often leads to deficiencies. Thus, it’s a good idea to speak to a nutrition expert before switching to a vegan diet,” concludes Nutritionist Lovneet Batra.


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