Is Shakeology Keto Friendly? – No Bun Please

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Protein shakes can be a great source of protein when you are on keto. In this article, we will analyze Shakeology and answer the question, “Is Shakeology Keto Friendly?”.

Is Shakeology Keto Friendly? – No Bun Please

What Is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a protein shake by The Beachbody Company. According to the company, Shakeology is different from other protein shakes because its is crafted to keep you healthy. It can also support healthy weight loss and provide energy.

It is made up of a blend of protein, probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and many more. It also comes in different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and café latte.

Nutritional Information For Shakeology

Let us first look at Shakeology’s nutritional information before we answer the question, “is Shakeology keto friendly?”

According to Beachbody Company’s website, one scoop (42g) of their Chocolate Whey has 18g of total carbs and 6g of dietary fiber, meaning it has 12g of net carbs. It also has 2.5g of total fat, 17g of protein and 160 calories per scoop.

Is Shakeology Keto Friendly?

No, Shakeology is not keto friendly. It is high in net carbs (12g per scoop) and contains sugar, which is an unhealthy non-keto ingredient. Sugar can raise your blood sugar levels and can stop your body from reaching or remaining in ketosis.

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Keto Alternatives For Shakeology

Garden of Life Keto Fit

Garden of Life’s Keto Fit is a great alternative to Shakeology. It’s a protein shake that especially caters to people who are on keto. And two scoops of Keto Fit has 1g of net carbs and 16g of health fats.

Jocko Molk Protein Powder

Jocko Molk is another good alternative to Shakeology. It comes in different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Furthermore, it is made of grass-fed whey, which has a higher Omega-3.

Iconic Protein

Iconic Protein is a brand of ready-to-drink protein drink. It is keto friendly, but should be consumed in moderation since it has a fair amount of carbs (4g of net carbs per 340ml).

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