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JLB looks back at a wild year in food

Anyone who’s worked in restaurants, even a little, knows what “86” means. 

“Table nine wants a Caesar salad, 86 anchovies!”

“Tell the servers to 86 the cauliflower special!”

“We’ve got coffee still but 86 espresso!”

“86” means it’s gone, done, all used up. It means you don’t want it or don’t have it. It means what once was there is no longer. 

Finally, praise-be-hallelujah-hurrah, it’s time to 86 this godforsaken year. Just because 2020 will soon be gone, doesn’t mean it will be forgotten. Far from it. We who’ve survived these last several months will bear them like battle scars for the rest of our lives. 

After a year I would love to forget, there is so much I will remember. Many of those best memories, the few shining spots in this darkly tumultuous sea, were of food: of eating food and cooking food; of the resiliency of restaurants; of the boundless imaginations of our chefs and bartenders and brewers alike. 

Let’s go back …

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