Johnson’s WFH experience: ‘Lot of time’ wasted on coffee & cheese

As the British government continues to encourage people to report to the office while lifting pandemic restrictions, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “people are more productive, more energetic, more full of ideas” when they are around other people.

The prime minister said working from home meant an “awful lot of time” is wasted “making another cup of coffee” and “hacking off a small piece of cheese”.

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The British prime minister said people need to “get back into the habit of getting into the office” although he admitted that “lots of people disagree with me”.

The British government had imposed lockdown measures during the pandemic including provisions to work from home, however, it lifted all restrictions last year. 

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The prime minister has been implicated in the party gate scandal after he was pictured with wine and cheese at a Downing Steet garden in May 2020 during the peak of lockdown.

Reports claimed Johnson’s staff in June 2020 attended the prime minister’s birthday party at Downing Street when social gatherings were restricted.

Britain is one of the worst-hit countries due to the virus with over 22 million COVID-19 cases and 177,900 fatalities since the pandemic began in March 2020.

According to the Johns Hopkins coronavirus tracker, over 444,908 people were infected with the virus in the 28 day period.

(With inputs from Agencies)


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