A suggestion about healthy food and EBT cards had Twitter in a tizzy. Conversations about the availability of healthier foods in low-income neighborhoods have been ongoing, and recently, Keke Palmer came up with a suggestion. The actress shared her thoughts on Twitter, and unexpectedly, Palmer was faced with a swarm of backlash. For hours, Keke addressed as many of her critics as she could, but even so, her remarks were deemed unwelcome.

Keke Palmer, EBT, Healthy Foods, Twitter, Backlash
Monica Schipper / Stringer / Getty Images

“Imagine if your EBT card could only work on healthy items,” Keke said in a since-deleted tweet. People came after the talk show about the availability of fresh, healthy foods in low-income areas. One person responded to Keke saying that poor people don’t need rich people controlling their food.

“Yea maybe you shouldn’t focus on thinking I’m rich. I think that creates a defensive nature,” the actress replied. “I’m saying healthy food should be free to those that can’t afford them often. They shouldn’t have a limit they should be free if you make a certain amount.” Keke Palmer also had a few words for people who believed she needed to dish out an apology.

“Apologize for thinking people should get free food… ?” she asked. “I’m confused with that one lol. How is it offense to suggest people deserve free food on EBT? Because that’s all I’m suggesting.” Check out Keke explaining herself to social media users below.