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Late night searches on the Internet for a good deal on a semi-automatic espresso machine (automatics do everything for you, and if I were going this far, I wanted to be in control of everything) led to me finally buying a machine. Naturally, this led me to then buying a better coffee grinder that could be infinitely adjustable for the fine grind necessary to turn out a good espresso shot.

And, then, it got worse. When we moved into our home 21 years ago, we stripped off the quant English wallpaper, painted the walls and had a handyman repaint the cabinets. Things were going smoothly until my wife started watching the reality TV show Flip or Flop on HGTV. The premise is a couple in Southern California buys houses that are foreclosures and a mess, remodels them, turning them into the nicest places in the neighborhood, and sells them at a profit. After a few seasons of watching bleak-looking houses transformed into beautiful homes, I should have known what would happen. One night, Sharon called me from the kitchen to see the final scenes of a Flip or Flop episode where they show the dramatic before and after pictures.

“See what they did to the kitchen?” she asked. “Wouldn’t it be great to do something like that to ours?” Well, I guess… “Let me look into it,” she said.

So, now, after a flurry of looking at door samples and colors, followed by someone measuring every centimeter of the kitchen, we’re waiting for a crew of remodelers who are so busy we’re probably still weeks away from starting the remodel. Apparently, a lot of other couples have also been confined at home and spending countless hours looking at their kitchen and discovering it really needed a makeover. Or, maybe they’re all watching Flip or Flop.

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