Kitchen Essentials Every Baker Needs

Whether you enjoy baking as a hobby or are a beginner looking to become a pro at baking, there are certain tools you will need. These are some of the most frequently used tools that make your baking experience worthwhile. Whether you are looking to enjoy those fresh muffins in the morning or are making cookies for your kids’ bake sale, here are the essentials you need.


Thanks to technology and innovations, most baking appliances have reduced a 5-hour job to a 2-hour job. Appliances help you mix ingredients without straining, and they take a shorter time compared to your hands. Some of the appliances you need include a stand mixer, a flex edge beater, and a food processor. A hand mixer works the same way as a stand mixer, only that you operate it using your hand. With these appliances, you will want to bake cakes or cookies every weekend.

Spatulas And Whisks

A spatula comes in handy when you want to transfer those hot muffins to a cooling rack or serve the cake. Get one with a thin metal blade that will slide under anything you are moving with ease. A whisk, on the other hand, is not only useful for eggs, but you can also use it to mix dry ingredients.

Measuring Cups And Spoons

All recipes require you to measure ingredients if you are to come up with an edible end product. Instead of guessing whether you have put in too much flour or too little milk, get yourself measuring cups and spoons.

Mixing Bowls And Baking Tins

The good thing with mixing bowls is that they are multipurpose. You will not just use them when you are baking. On the other hand, baking tins come in a variety of shapes and designs, and it is up to you to choose the ones you prefer.

These are just the basics that you can start with. With time, you can continue adding other tools you find necessary.

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