Know Your Daily Coffee Intake Limit

The dose makes the poison. This common expression refers to the fact that even healthy things can be harmful when consumed incorrectly. You can die from drinking too much water or get sick or overeating kale.

Caffeine is no exception, and the right amount provides numerous proven health benefits. But take too much, and you’ll find yourself anxious, jittery, or worse.

Use this handy caffeine calculator to determine your ideal caffeine intake and how much of your favorite brew you should consume to stay safe.

Home Grounds’ Caffeine Intake Calculator

The FDA recommends no more than 400 mg of caffeine daily for a healthy adult. Still, the precise number will vary with age, gender, body weight, and genetics. While we can’t account for inherited caffeine sensitivity, this caffeine daily limit calculator offers a good idea of how much of your favorite style of coffee is healthy for you.

Daily Caffeine Intake Calculator

This calculator helps you learn the daily amount of coffee that’s considered healthy.
The result will show the maximum daily number of coffee cups you can take.

We used the highest amount of caffeine in one serving per brewing method. We compared that with a suggested daily caffeine intake for each category of people, based on your age and/or special health conditions such as pregnancy.