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From bland tasting diet plans and counting calories, to trying to find the right products to maintain such a lifestyle, many would think that going vegan is quite overwhelming or high-maintenance. This is maybe because we’re often too scared to veer away from the usual; but when you start to understand and experience its physical and mental benefits, you’ll swear your life to this kind of eating habit. 

There are so many ways that veganism could improve our lives – healthy body, sound mind, a positive outlook in life, sustainable way of living, and a closer connection to nature! But before you fully transition to this kind of diet, it is best to understand it in a holistic manner.

Learning the Curve of Veganism

If there’s one thing you should know about veganism it is that it’s much more than a diet but a compassionate lifestyle. There’s a huge difference between adopting a more plant-based lifestyle and going on a diet to lose weight. When you simply know your purpose and have set your minds into fully adapting this kind of lifestyle, you wouldn’t stray from this path nor be tempted in the long run. However, this is not an overnight routine. It may not be difficult but the way to it  is to take your time, expect some mistakes along the way, learn from them, and move forward to this sustainable lifestyle.

Transitioning to veganism is much more difficult than the actual diet itself. It may be hard for someone to change their lifestyle overnight as there are factors to consider. But once you’ve slowly learned about vegan alternatives for your food intake, personal care items, and even in our clothing and shoes items, you’re ready to begin your vegan journey.

Vegan diets can be healthy for anyone of any age including children, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly. However, it is important to note that vegans need to pay attention to their type of vegan diet to avoid specific nutrient deficiencies. One must learn to pay attention to the products that they will consume, keeping in mind to avoid ingredients containing gelatin, rennet, and other animal products excluding dairy and eggs. 

Going Vegan: Science-based Health Benefits

There are certain types of vegan diet depending on your preferences but it all boils down to one core: consuming all plant-based food and cutting out all animal-derived products in your life. Plant-based diets should contain plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Because it often heavily relies on these healthy staples, they tend to be higher in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 

Rich in nutrients. Healthy vegan diets are abundant with Vitamins B1, C, and E, folic acid, magnesium, and iron while also being low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Normally, it would help you lose weight while supplying your body the nutrients that it needs. However, a poorly-planned vegan diet may cause insufficient nutrients. That’s why it is important to stay away from nutrient-poor and fast-food vegan options. Instead, base your diet around nutrient-rich whole plants and fortified foods. 

Helps you lose excess weight. Vegan diets have a natural tendency to reduce your calorie intake as the vegan alternatives can make you feel full even with lesser amounts of food you consume. This makes it an effective way to promote weight loss without the need to actively focus on cutting back calories. 

Reduce risk of mortality from certain diseases. A plant-based vegan diet can reduce the risk of mortality of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, obesity, and even prostate and colon cancers. It is also said to reduce pain from arthritis because it is often based on probiotic-rich whole foods which can significantly decrease symptoms of such conditions.

Promotes a positive outlook in life. Generally, vegan diet promotes a healthy body and a sound mind with all the benefits that you can get from it. You’ll start to appreciate nature and animals more, and you’ll feel good about being able to help the earth with your sustainable kind of living. 

Vegan Dishes from Simple Roots

Being a vegan does not necessarily mean eating less, you just need to eat the right food. It also doesn’t mean giving up your favorites, you just have to find better alternatives. Most people would like to build their vegan meal from scratch, while some opt for to-go vegan because it’s better for the environment.

As a way to promote this kind of lifestyle and to help beginners transition to veganism – Simple Roots, Manila’s sustainable virtual market that offers healthy and tasty Filipino dishes with easy recipes and farm fresh ingredients, has curated recipes that you can easily enjoy at home. They have a variety of meal kits with pre-packed and portioned out ingredients for convenient cooking; wide selection of fruits; and pantry items that are best alternatives for a healthier choice. 

Cashew Cream Pasta. Cashews are one of the main exports of small-scale diversified orchardist Palawan, so they made the most of it as a cashew cream, with mushrooms and green peas. This is one good alternative to your favorite creamy and meat-based white spaghetti. 

Vegan Meatballs. Simple Roots’ healthier version of meatballs is still protein-dense made with white beans, vegetables, and mushrooms paired with their homemade banana ketchup. This is a perfect for the kids and kids-at-heart!

Also, in partnership with Worth the Health, they have come up with two (2) Filipino dishes with a healthier twist in the form of Vegan Gising Gising and Vegan Kare Kare. Both are part of their Ready-to-Heat series and are a great alternative to your favorite Pinoy ulam. You can find all these interesting vegan recipes from Simple Roots online and easily heat it at home before doing your daily errands or after workout routines. Pop it in and you’re good to go!

Kickstart your vegan journey with Simple Roots by adding up to cart all these vegan-friendly meals that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Avoid long lines at the grocery and save more time and energy as Simple Roots help you transition to a better vegan lifestyle. 

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