Milwaukee Well Plated blogger now cookbook author; recipes win friends

Kristine M. Kierzek

When Erin Clarke moved to Milwaukee, she didn’t really know anyone. Her husband was in law school, and they were also on a budget. A friend suggested creating a blog as a way to find a community, and Clarke dove right in. 

She started by sharing one of her grandmother’s recipes. When she got feedback asking for more recipes, she knew she’d found her community. 

Nearly a decade later, she’s still sharing recipes from her home on the east side of Milwaukee, where she lives with her husband, Ben, and her Well Plated blog has fans around the world. 

Now, Clarke’s first cookbook, “The Well Plated Cookbook”, is due in stores Aug. 25. 

Question: How did you develop your interest in cooking?

Answer: I grew up baking alongside my grandmother. I lived in Wichita, Kansas. Every Thursday in summer, she’d pick us up. She picked out a dessert recipe for us to try each week. They started simple with cookies. As we got older and knew more, we got to do more complicated things, like cake, chocolate mousse. She was the first person that instilled a love of preparing desserts. She also taught me how to read a recipe.

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