MIO has recipes for fall

Editor’s Note: The Made in Oklahoma Coalition’s Natalie Mikles has recipes aimed squarely at fall bounty and the flavors. Here she writes about trendy sheet pan pasta for the whole clan, and sweets to reward them with for clean plates as well as a corn dish that could dish that could sneak its way onto Thanksgiving buffets.

The Made in Oklahoma Coalition is welcoming fall like a breath of fresh air.

We’re welcoming falling leaves, cool nights and great meals shared with friends and family using our favorite products made right here in Oklahoma. The secret to great food begins with the and best ingredients, and you’ll always find that when you look for the MIO logo.

One of our favorite trends for easy dinners is the sheet pan supper. We have a great recipe that combines creamy pasta on a sheet pan. Della Terra pasta is combined with a homemade alfredo sauce, crumbled Bar-S Bacon, Scissortail Farms Spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Made in Oklahoma

Making alfredo sauce may seem intimidating, but ours is easy to make, using fresh ingredients like Braum’s Butter and Heavy Whipping Cream. Garlic, black pepper and parmesan cheese turn a cream sauce into a rich and creamy alfredo.

This is a crowd-pleasing recipe that everyone will love, and if you’re cooking for vegetarians, it’s easy to remove the bacon for a meatless dinner.