Mira Kapoors Pooris Came With A Colourful Twist: 5 Unique Poori Recipes

If there’s one Indian bread that is loved across age groups, it has to be the poori. The deep-fried delight is incredibly crisp on the outside yet somehow fluffy and soft on the inside. Devour it as is or with a tangy gravy, a classic poori never goes out of style. The best thing about poori is its versatility – with a number of options for stuffing and flavouring. Mira Kapoor recently experimented with the humble poori to make something colourful and unique with the dish. Take a look at the photo she shared on Instagram:


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In the picture that Mira Kapoor shared, we could see three brightly-hued pooris in one frame. One was the classic brownish-yellow poori, the other seemed to be a green-coloured palak version and the third was a bright red beetroot Poori. The colourful pooris looked not just extremely vibrant, but also incredibly tasty! “Continuing the series of #NaniHouseIsTheBest. Rainbow Pooris,” wrote Mira Kapoor in the caption of the post.

Mira Kapoor is quite a fan of her mother, Bela Rajput’s cooking. She often takes to Instagram to share pictures of what her mom cooked for her, including her ‘legendary’ masala bread. Take a look at the photo that Mira had shared:


If you also want to cook up some colourful pooris and indulge them like Mira Kapoor, worry not – we have just what you need. These delicious pooris can easily be made at home for a unique spin to your usual Poori recipes. Click on the name of the Poori for the full recipe!

Here Are 5 Unique And Interesting Poori Recipes For You To Try:

1. Dal Bhari Poori

With the goodness of moong dal stuffed inside, this puri recipe makes the perfect addition to your Indian food feast.

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With the goodness of Dal, this stuffed poori is a must-try.

2. Kuttu Ki Poori

This poori made with buckwheat flour is a staple during the Navratri fasting period. It tastes best with some aloo rasedaar on the side!

3. Palak ki Poori

Enriched with the power of Spinach leaves, this green-coloured poori makes for a wholesome and satiating breakfast meal.

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These green Pooris can make your meal look colourful.

4. Stuffed Gobhi Poori

A hearty cauliflower stuffing and eclectic spices makes this poori a must-try recipe! We bet you’ll love this twist to the classic poori.

5. Beetroot Poori

The use of pureed beetroot gives this yummy poori recipe a bright red hue that is simply irresistible.

Which Poori recipe will you be trying inspired by Mira Kapoor? Tell us in the comments.

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