Must-Haves Items In Your Kitchen That Make Veganism Easier

vegan diet easy

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There are many reasons why switching to a vegan diet, or even simply cutting back on animal product consumption, can benefit your health. Studies have shown a vegan diet can significantly improve cholesterol levels as well as aid in weight loss. Veganism may even greatly reduce one’s chances of dying from heart disease. These perks might get you motivated to do a total revamp of what you have in your kitchen to incorporate more plant-based foods. But the moment you realize just how many of your favorite recipes require (or seem to require) animal products, that motivation could go right out of the window. The American diet is largely built on butter and eggs. Turning vegetarian may not be too difficult, but you’ll quickly find that many meat-free recipes still call for dairy or other animal products.

We’re relatively new to understanding how to use plant-based ingredients to make food creamy, or fluffy, or filling. We’re sort of stumped on how we get baked goods to bind or rise without animal products. But, don’t let that kill your motivation. There are, fortunately, vegan alternatives for nearly any animal product your recipe might call for. As you slowly begin to accumulate new foods and ingredients and stock your pantry, you’ll stop having those, “Damn I have to run to the store” moments when you’re in the middle of cooking. You may even begin to experiment with your own ways to utilize these items. Here are kitchen must-haves that make veganism much easier.

vegan diet easy

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Nutritional yeast

If you’re a cheese lover who is trying to go vegan, you will need something to satisfy your cravings because you know the cravings are strong. There are many vegan cheeses out there, but nutritional yeast is beloved in the vegan community. A form of deactivated yeast, it’s usually sold in a powder or flake variety and is slightly yellow in color. Many vegans enjoy sprinkling it on food that would typically call for cheddar cheese or parmesan cheese, like quesadillas or bowls of pasta. It can be eaten cold, but also becomes nice and creamy when heated, which is why it makes a great addition to vegan mac and cheese.

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