“My Love For Cooking Has Died,” Says Shruti Haasan; Heres Why

Shruti Haasan is a foodie and that’s not where her relationship with food ends. The actress also loves to cook. Her fans know about her love for eating and cooking good food. However, of late, something has annoyed Shruti and she says that she does not love cooking anymore. What must have happened to bring about such a change of mind? Looks like summer heat is the culprit. The actress shared an update on Instagram Stories. It was a scene from her kitchen. In the video, we see her standing at the kitchen table top, busy cooking a dish.

From the short glimpse we get, the dish seems to be pasta. But our focus is on what Shruti had to say. She kept wiping her sweaty face throughout the video.

At length, she said, “Is it just me or is it just awful to cook in this heat?”

What she said next has shocked us but is truly relatable. She said, “My love for cooking has died in the summer. Are we in the summer or is this just life?”

With the summer heat on the rise, we understand that a few minutes in the kitchen is a painful task in many homes.

Here’s Shruti Haasan’s post:

“My Love For Cooking Has Died,” Says Shruti Haasan; Heres Why

Shruti Haasan keeps sharing food-related stories with her fans through social media posts. Recently, she got treated to delicious vegetarian food, thanks to her movie Salaar‘s co-actor Prabhas. The actor sent her five vegetarian dishes and Shruti, despite being a non-vegetarian, loved to indulge in them. The platter included sambar, rasam, and a South Indian preparation of beans and roti. She sent all of us drooling with the picture of the platter.

Shruti Haasan is the kind of foodie who loves to indulge in delicious food irrespective of the cultural origin of the cuisine. She loves to indulge in Bengali food too. She revealed it to us through a set of photos of Bengali dishes on one fine Sunday. The photos revealed dishes of mutton, coconut prawn curry, potato fries and rice.

Shruti Haasan may indulge in different kinds of foods. But the actress is always conscious of what she consumes and healthy food is a part of her diet. The actress recently opened up about being sober for five years. And, the only shots she has taken are celery shots. She said in the video, “Five years sober and the only shots I do in the morning are these – celery shots.”

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