No-Cook Cooking: Eggs fit easily into many meal plans and schedules | Food & Cooking

Ovo-vegetarians rely on eggs to keep protein levels healthy. If you like Mexican flavors one night and Italian the next, eggs bring the variety you crave to the meal-planning game. Carbonara is classic comfort food for bacon or pancetta lovers. And if you’re someone who’s simply looking for a satisfying dinner that can be on the table in minutes, make some room in your fridge for a dozen eggs and start exploring the possibilities.

Cooking doesn’t get much simpler than scrambled eggs, which make a filling breakfast on their own or a fluffy filling for warm flour tortillas. Keep it simple with salt and pepper, or fold in some finely chopped peppers and mushrooms and a sprinkling of cheese. One of my favorite combinations is black pepper, adobo seasoning, plenty of pepper-based hot sauce and a generous sprinkle of grated Parmesan or Romano cheese.

Omelets are welcome at breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, and they can be as easy or elaborate as you’d like to make them. Start with two filling ingredients, and then branch out to three-filling combinations as you gain confidence with your technique. Bacon and cheese is a tried-and-true pairing, but you also may like avocado and sliced mushrooms or spinach and crumbled blue cheese or feta.

Frittatas also lend themselves well to multiple fillings and creative flavor combinations. A frittata is basically a quiche without a crust, which saves time and carbs. While your oven preheats, you’ll pre-cook any vegetables in a skillet or cast-iron pan, whisk your eggs and then pour the eggs on top of the vegetables before sliding the pan into the oven.