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No matter how different the start of this school year may look and feel, students and their parents will share at least one basic question:

What in the world are we going to have for breakfast?

Mornings can be hectic for even the most serene families. And whether students will be seated 6 feet apart in classrooms or pulling up chairs in front of laptops, they’ll retain more of what they’re learning if they’re starting the day with energy from wholesome protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Parents who think they can work from home, concentrate at the office, lead lessons or check homework on just a mug or two of coffee will want to think again. Don’t you deserve to be nourished while you’re making everyone else’s lives run more smoothly?

With a little planning, even the most reluctant cook can put easy, healthy breakfasts on the table for the whole family.

The No-Cook Cooking philosophy is all about maximum satisfaction and minimal waste, so start by thinking about your family’s likes and dislikes. No matter how adorable those miniature muffin-cup omelets or breakfast bento boxes look on Pinterest, if no one eats them, you’ve just wasted your time and unchained a snack monster that’ll hit your after-school kitchen like a derecho.

A simple peanut butter sandwich with banana slices on whole-wheat toast that gets eaten, on the other hand, can pave the way for a successful morning. If you still want to make an omelet or frittata base because you like tucking some peppers and other nutritious vegetables into an egg-protein-powered morning meal, consider rolling it up in flour tortillas to make it easier for small hands to hold. (Grownups may find it hard to resist adding a spoonful of salsa — or two. Go for it.)

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