Nourish your dog with this clean protein food for over 75% off

Just because dogs enjoy eating from the trash or try to gobble up everything in sight on your daily walks doesn’t mean their regular diet shouldn’t be the best it can be. You nourish your body, so why not nourish your pup’s? After all, they are man’s best friend, and you do not know what you’d do without ’em. We’ve found a dog food made with clean ingredients that has a lot of benefits.

This 4lb. trial bag of Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Food is vet-developed and made from whole foods, including chickpeas, oats, peas, and sweet potatoes. Unlike meat-based dog food, this brand is unlikely to cause specific allergies that cause itching, licking, and skin infections, and it uses 90% fewer resources. There’s also no “junk” added, which is why it’s called “clean protein”. When your pup is eating this food, you can relax knowing he is healthy and thriving. 

Other benefits of this kibble include its Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and algae DHA for healthier skin and coat. It also offers excellent digestive support, thanks to the high-quality prebiotic and dietary fibers. 

Since this is a trial-sized bag, you will get to see how much your dog enjoys it. You’ll receive another bag 18 days after your initial purchase, and you can customize or cancel your order at any time. 

Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Food was featured on Shark Tank, and voted VegNews “Best Dog Food of 2021!” It has an impressive rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon. One dog dad says, “Wild Earth kibble gives me peace of mind knowing I’m not feeding my beloved pup with the suffering of another animal. My dog loves it! After feeding her a few different foods with varying results, Wild Earth has been the only food she will devour without doctoring it with other toppers or flavorings.”

Get your trial-sized bag for just $4.95 today and put your dog on a new, improved diet!

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