Old Fashioned Oyster Dressing is authentic Cajun

Mike Collins's Old Fashioned Oyster Dressing.

Mike Collins, 70, was born and raised down the bayou in Lafourche Parish, and his signature dish, Old-Fashioned Oyster Dressing, certainly shows it.

“I was brought up with a simple life philosophy, use what nature gives you,” Collins said. “(We) drank water from a cistern, used an outhouse and bathed in a galvanized tub. Food was very important, and we ate from the bounty of fish, shrimp, crabs, oysters and local vegetables.”

Collins worked in education for 35 years and is currently working with Rotary as a Past District Governor.

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“The only culinary training I had when I helped my mom or dad prepare meals and preserve food, ” he said “Our grocery store was the land, marsh, gulf and bayou. My parents taught me how to find the food, preserve it, and then prepare a meal using it.”