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Pennsylvania hunters invited to share venison with food banks for those in need

It’s a fun challenge for hunters and a healthy food option for people in need

(WKBN) – For almost 30 years, Hunters Sharing the Harvest in Pennsylvania has been making sure food is on everyone’s table.

They hunt deer and then donate that venison straight to food banks.

This year, they’re asking local hunters to help out in order to reach their goal of 100,000 pounds of meat.

Last year, they blew that goal out of the water and donated 165,000 pounds, which comes to about 4,100 deer, so about 882,000 meals.

It’s a double win, a fun challenge for the hunters and a healthy food option for people in need.

“Venison is one of the healthiest proteins you can get, it’s very lean, it goes a long way just like any burger would but it’s also a very healthy opportunity. So the food banks just absolutely love this because not only are they able to feed the hungry in Pennsylvania, but they’re able to feed them a nutritious meal,” said Randy Ferguson, with Hunters Sharing the Harvest.

The hunters take the deer to participating processors in Pennsylvania, then those shops distribute the meat right to the food banks.

If you’re interested in donating your game once deer season starts, visit Hunters Sharing the Harvest’s website to find out which meat processors in your community take part.

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