Quotes and Flavours of Cakes that do Well with Occasions

Less than a month for the new year, while it is a whole other ordeal planning and spanning that day with surprises and the list of invitees. Have you yet wondered about the coming 365 days with a million reasons to celebrate? Birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, breakup parties as well all are due and require ongoing preparations.

It is, as is known, cakes are the hotshot topic and point of conversation of these parties along with many other essential things too. But first things first let’s finalise days, cake flavours, and message to write on the cake after which you have to call for online cake delivery in Ranchi so let’s get going.

  • For all Birthdays in a Row

Birthdays are the one occasion that takes limits on cake flavours to a greater height and is open for experiments. Hence how about a coffee or a red velvet this time. The culture of bringing two cakes is also a very trendy thing as a matter of fact. Or how about a prank with a lopsided cake as a joke. Get written something like ‘who’s happy for it’ or something that comes out as a joke but a humble and honest one.

  • Anniversaries of Old Love Birds

For someone who is celebrating their 25th anniversary, for example, gift them a lopsided cake that says ‘you are halfway there’ or ‘half-century’ something meaningful and quirky to stir a conversation in the party and bring smiles and laughter on the faces of our old love birds making it through every day and setting an example of the foreseeable future we are about to embark upon.

  • Newlyweds

Welcoming the newlyweds in your family, you are about to begin a journey of surprises and beautiful memories created together over time. One quirky idea for a chocolate cake is to get written on it ‘you’re in for a ride’ both funny and spicy this line will make everyone laugh and converse. Your family may give you a bit of scolding for pulling off a stunt like that, but it’s all good fun.

  • Retirement parties

Retiring from something that has been an inevitable part of your life for nearly 30 years is hard to let go off. But it is a happy day for you are about to lead a life with no hassles and begin a journey with your loved ones and all throughout the day all you have to do is chat, drink tea, meet up with your friends and pursue your hobbies. A plain vanilla cake that says ‘get younger like dadu’ could be an idea.

  • Graduation

If it’s the nerd of the family who’s graduation is not a big deal it was bound to happen you could pick out a creamy designer cake that has his picture and says ‘what’s the big deal’. And if it’s the one who barely passed the subject go for ‘thank God’ on a multi-tiered cake. While it’s all in good spirit and everyone knows it too, you will have yourselves a funny and memorable moment with your loved ones.

  • Breakup Cake

If you are a friend who is always after his friends and trying to break their relationships for reasons only you know, we synthesised one hundred per cent. And now that you have got what you want, a cake is a must. Get a designer cake that says ‘bola the na’, and it would be hilarious and symbolic. After all, the whole motive was to teach them a lesson, and they finally understood.

  • A Me-Time Cake

Tired of your everyday life, you are likely to require a break at one point or another. To make this day more unique and motivating, order for yourselves a cake and get written ‘I will do it’ on it—a boost of inspiration for yourself. You know, sometimes you have to make it happen for yourself and can’t always rely on external factors to make you feel good. Order your favourite flavour of chocolate that is a must.

It is not always the most fundamental things that please us, and sometimes it’s the extravagance that we get tired of. Find the balance that soothes you and bring your loved ones in this day of happiness.

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