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Making a cup of coffee is deeply personal. From the beans to the brewing method, the milk to the drinking vessel, every devoted coffee drinker has quirks and preferences to make the daily ritual their own. That’s why, when it comes to buying gifts for coffee lovers, it helps to gather some intel, first. Whether their perfect cup consists of exciting new flavors (may we suggest a coffee subscription?) or maintaining a precise temperature from first sip to last (the Ember Mug is a must), this curated list has something for every caffeine addict.

So, take a look around: Could their water kettle or coffee grinder use an upgrade? Do they gripe about their beans going stale? Are their mugs starting to chip from daily (and often, multiple times daily) use? No matter their style, these caffeine-focused gifts are sure to delight. Who knows? You might just help them discover a new way to enjoy their favorite morning routine.

Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Gorgeous Glass Mugs For A Picture-Perfect Cuppa

There’s something about beautiful mugs that make their contents taste better, and these gold-emblazoned Colette-style cups will do the trick. They’re designed with lightweight, double-walled glass and will make sipping everything from coffee to tea to mulled cider feel extra special. As a bonus, they come tucked in a lovely, sturdy box that’s suitable for gifting.

High-Quality Coffee Beans From BLK & Bold

BLK & Bold’s coffee blends both taste good and do good. Founders Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson take a two-pronged approach to coffee production: The fair-trade, single origin beans and blends are roasted in small batches (because taste is paramount), plus the company donates 5% of profits to support at-risk youth across the country. BLK & Bold’s coffee can be purchased by the bag or through a subscription.

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The Ideal Gift For Coffee Lovers Who Also Love Dogs

Along the lines of percolating with a purpose, there’s also the Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. While the company donates 20% of its profits to shelter pets, its new Rescue Roast is extra special: 100% of profits go to a dedicated organization (which changes monthly). The Rescue Roast is tastes great, too, with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, toasted pecan and red currant. All in all, it’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves curling up with a good cup of coffee…and a good dog, of course.

An Elegant Gooseneck Kettle For Seamless Pour-Overs

Anyone who prefers the pour over method to coffee brewing will appreciate the thin, graceful “gooseneck” spout, which offers a precise and even flow rate. The kettle is made with 100% food-grade stainless steel, with no Teflon or chemical linings that can alter the coffee’s flavor. It boils a full kettle in five minutes or less and includes five temperature presets to deliver just the right water temp for the coffee grind.

A Cup And Saucer Set Designed By A Michelin-Starred Chef

Serax Inku Scalloped Ceramic Coffee Cup & Saucer (Set Of 4)

Your favorite caffeine addict may have a collection of mismatched ceramics, but there’s a good chance they don’t have a coordinating set of dainty cups and saucers. This chic set of four was designed by a Michelin star-winning chef and is inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic. Undoubtedly, the recipient will be thrilled to debut their new stoneware next time they host guests.

The Ember Mug: A Smart Mug That Keeps Beverages To Temp For Hours

There are plenty of electric mugs that keep coffee piping hot, but the Ember goes a step further. Set the mug to an exact drinking temperature to ensure 1.5 hours of consistent coffee temperatures that never get too cold or too scaldingly hot. (An LED light indicates when the coffee has reached the desired temperature.) The mug comes with a coaster that doubles as a charging station and is easy to clean.

A Smart And Stylish Way To Store Coffee Beans On The Countertop

Extend the life of coffee beans by storing them in this airtight canister. A hidden twist mechanism in the lid removes air and prevents oxidation, which keeps beans fresh up to 50% longer; a simple button on top of the lid releases the pressure. Available in clear glass, matte white or matte black, the stylish canister will elevate any coffee setup.

The Italian Way To Brew Coffee

One would be hard-pressed to find an Italian home that doesn’t own a Moka pot—the three-part aluminum espresso maker that sits right on the stovetop. It doesn’t have the bells or whistles of an electronic countertop machine. But for a simple, delicious cup of espresso, it gets the job done nicely.

A Coffee-Themed World Tour With Atlas Coffee Club

Armchair travelers will be delighted by Atlas’ monthly coffee subscription, which sends single origin coffee beans grown around the world directly to their kitchens. From Costa Rica to Indonesia, each coffee delivery comes with tasting notes, brewing tips and a postcard filled with stories and information about its country of origin. Each cup is the drinkable equivalent of a new passport stamp.

Freshly-Ground Beans With OXO’S Coffee Grinder

OXO’s workhorse grinder hits the sweet spot between affordability, versatility (there are 15 grind settings, plus additional micro settings) and consistency. The removable hopper makes it easy to change out beans quickly, which is especially handy for households where one coffee drinker prefers decaf.

Cute Coffee Art

PopChart The Compendious Coffee Chart Poster (24 x 18 Inches)

Self-proclaimed coffee nerds need this poster-sized chart in their lives. The chart visually breaks down the many, varied ways to produce coffee (from Chemex to automatic drip) and coffee drinks (from a cortado to a cappuccino). The posters can be purchased alone or framed and ready to anoint the wall with caffeinated inspiration.

A Luxe And Splurge-y Gift From Breville

Anyone who finds themselves wishing they had a live-in barista will make good use of their Breville Barista Touch. A digital touch screen offers a variety of pre-made drinks and allows for up to eight saved personalized drinks. With a push of the button, it grinds, brews and froths. From Americanos to flat whites, it’s all the delicious espresso drinks and none of the work.

A Stylish Travel Mug For On-The-Go Coffee Drinkers

Who said travel mugs have to look like travel mugs? The Carter Everywhere Mug is designed to keep coffee (and other drinks) hot on the go while mimicking the look and feel of an at-home mug. The cup’s wide mouth delivers coffee more naturally than the small spout of a typical travel mug, and the inside is coated with ceramic to keep coffee free from the metallic odors and flavors. The 270-degree twist lid prevents spills and leaks, even if the coffee inside gets sloshed around during your morning commute.

A Delicious Combo Of Chocolates And Coffee From Bean Box

Gift the classic duo of coffee and chocolate with Bean Box’s artisan tasting experience. The box includes small batch coffees from four of Seattle’s best roasters and artisan chocolates to match each one. The box comes with information and tasting notes, but chances are, neither the coffee nor chocolate will last long enough to read them.

An Essential For Outdoorsy Coffee Drinkers

Ideal for camping trips, vacations and working on the go (and perfectly sized for gifting), Porlex’s manual grinder freshly grinds beans without proximity to an electrical outlet. The ceramic conical burrs can be adjusted to produce fine or coarse grounds. And unlike other popular manual grinders, the Porlex includes minimal plastic pieces, which tend to wear out over time.

Aeropress’ Scientific Solution To Great Coffee

This durable, lightweight coffee maker is the ideal way to brew beans at the office, camping or on the road. Designed by engineers, it uses pressure to express the most flavor from the beans and hot water as possible. And thanks to the AeroPress’ microfiber filters, there is no grit left behind in the cup—only smooth, complex coffee.

A Highly Rated Coffee Canister

MiiR’s coffee canister is built with one mission in mind: keep a standard 12-ounce bag of beans fresher for longer. To do this, it contains an interior accordion-style seal that pushes out oxygen and keeps it out, which helps lock in flavor. The canister is BPA-free and available in four different sleek and neutral colors.

East Fork’s Cult-Favorite #TheMug

The perfect mug is generously sized, huggable, durable and stylish. According to the cult-like following that East Fork’s mug has inspired, it checks all the boxes. Made in Asheville, North Carolina and available in a variety of earthy color combos, it is destined to become an everyday favorite The Mug is also sized to fit with an AeroPress, making the two a giftable pair to give together. 

A Contemporary French Press

Any French press fan will appreciate this handsome gift. Available in matte black or matte black with walnut accents, the Clara French Press is attractive enough to keep on the countertop. It’s also designed for maximum flavor extraction and heat retention, making it simple to serve up a comforting hand-pressed cup.

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