Should people with high cholesterol avoid non-vegetarian and dairy foods?

High cholesterol falls under the list of health conditions that are highly misunderstood by people. It is indeed a forewarning of chronic health problems like high blood pressure and stroke, but by taking medication and following healthy lifestyle habits, it can be easily managed. The problem is that there is not much awareness among people related to high cholesterol levels, as a result they mostly take the wrong path when it comes to making dietary choices. To lower cholesterol level, it is vital to reduce the consumption of unhealthy fats. But in this process, some people eliminate important food groups like animal-based food products and dairy from their diet considering them harmful for health, which is not true.

The thing everyone must know about cholesterol

Cholesterol does not enjoy a good reputation. It is mostly considered bad for health. But not all kinds of cholesterol are bad for health. There are two types of cholesterol: good and bad. You have to reduce the intake of bad cholesterol and include more sources of good cholesterol. Animal-based food products contain cholesterol, but they are also loaded with nutrients and are good for health. Researches show that consuming these foods won’t harm your heart health.

The right way to eat food containing high cholesterol

Eggs, meat and dairy are considered worst for people suffering from the problem of high cholesterol. But it cannot be ignored that they are packed with nutrients like protein, calcium, antioxidants and others, which are equally important for our health. It is absolutely fine to include them in your diet. Just make sure that you cook them right and have them in moderation.

4 to 6 whole eggs per week is considered good for people dealing with the problem of high cholesterol. When it comes to chicken and meat, eat in moderation and opt for a healthy way of cooking food. Avoid deep-frying the meat. For dairy, skimmed milk and toned milk are better options. Have low-fat ice-cream and yoghurt.