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A skillet can do it all, from cakes and pies to crumbles and cobblers. It especially loves fruits. When they cook, the juices and natural sugars caramelize and that’s what brings out the flavor. Crusts and crumble toppings also come out nice and crunchy because of the fat in them. A skillet is perfect for coffee cakes, sticky buns and other sweet rolls, too.

Don’t place a cherished, passed-down skillet on the outdoor grill and ruin it. To keep it from cracking, always place the skillet on a gas grill first and then turn on the gas. The skillet will slowly heat up as the grill does. When it’s time to cook meat or fish, lubricate the pan with a little bit of oil to create a barrier between the food and iron.

After cooking meats and vegetables, make use of the heat that’s left in the skillet to make a sauce. After cooking a steak, add some red wine to the juices left behind and scrape. Then add some capers or shallots or both, a dab of Dijon mustard and whisk in some butter. You will end up with a delicious red wine sauce.

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