Standing rib roast vs. sous vide prime rib

The final installment of Dueling Dishes, a special edition of Make-Ahead Monday, is going out with a bang. Food Network star Anne Burrell and pitmaster Phil “The Grill” Johnson are going head-to-head in a meeting of the meats. They’re both making big beefy roasts and turning the leftovers into two more terrific dishes. Burrell cooks up a show-stopping standing rib roast with veggies and turns the remaining meat into a flavorful hash topped with poached eggs. Johnson makes a sous vide spiced prime rib and slices up the leftovers to make Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

Anne Burrell's Standing Rib Roast

Getty Images

This is a classic American prime rib holiday recipe. It is impressive for all the right reasons. You even have time to hang with your guests while it’s doing its magic in the oven.

Leftover Rib Roast Hash

Anne Burrell

Turning a dinner into another meal is always a win. If you get sick of leftovers, like me, transform them into something entirely different — no one needs to know your secrets!

Peppercorn-Crusted Sous-Vide Prime Rib

Phil Johnson

I love this recipe because it is a beautiful holiday centerpiece that’s full of Southwest-inspired flavors but with minimal fuss.

Make-Ahead Philly Cheesesteaks

Phil Johnson

This sandwich is a huge hit with the family; they go crazy for it! It’s a classic for a good reason. The tender beef, melty cheese and sautéed veggies are a match made in sandwich heaven.

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