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    Protecting and preserving nature’s nursery

    Two families of wood ducks paddled in the water while bullfrogs periodically croaked and woodpecker nestlings chirped away in a nearby hollow tree on a recent summer evening at Little Swamp Sanctuary in Shepherd. To Barb and Joe Rogers, scenes like this are worth protecting. The Rogers, who operate Wildlife Recovery Association, have managed the approximately 300 acres of wetland for about 50 years. “A healthy wetland is teeming with life; it is nature’s nursery, the very beginning of interlocking food webs that provide for the wildlife we treasure,” Barb said. According to Barb and Joe, wetlands are extremely valuable  

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    Safe preserving tips in the time of COVID-19 | Country Life News

    Whether you are new to canning, returning to canning because of the pandemic, or have always canned the bounty of your harvest, there are certain tips that will help ensure that your time and efforts lead to safe, healthy food for your family. Recipes Use recipes that are up-to-date. Some canning recommendations have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. While capturing a family-favorite memory might be your goal, recipes from cookbooks and the internet are generally not tested to ensure safety. Especially if you are using recipes that date before 2015, it’s a good idea to compare your home  

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    Mary’s Kouzina – Preserving Traditional Greek Cooking

    “These days we’re constantly looking for nostalgia and that is what Greek food is”. Mary Politis is the woman behind the popular food blog  Mary’s Kouzina. Mary teaches people how to make home Greek style food, with recipes inspired by her mother and grandmother; showcasing her family recipes to the world.          Her aim is to reintroduce and preserve traditional Greek cuisine by encouraging people to go back to their Greek roots and incorporate it back into their daily diets. Some may say that Greek culture is starting to fade. It is up to us to maintain our Greek traditions  

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