Thanksgiving Turkey Hacks On TikTok

Cooking a Thanksgiving turkey comes with many questions: To brine or not to brine? Do you baste? Do you bake? Should you… buy something pre-made and forgo the process altogether? Whether you’re cooking your first turkey or a seasoned pro, these Thanksgiving hacks and recipes from TikTok will make your holiday meal delicious and (mostly) food disaster-free.

Food TikTok as a whole is full of tips and tricks to make any meal prep go as smoothly as possible. But Thanksgiving in particular calls for as many hacks, tips, tricks, and general words of advice to tackle what can be a monstrosity of a meal. Learn the right way to chop an onion. Finally keep your butter from dripping all over the side of your bowl with this stupid-genius tip. (Hint: It involves switching hands to avoid excessive melted butter drips.) You can even learn how to properly cut a whole chicken, which will come in handy when making your bird for Thanksgiving. If you really want to let the internet take over your dinner table, you could make an entire menu of Thanksgiving recipes from TikTok.

Put on your apron and, for the love of the pandemic, wash your hands. Here are 6 turkey hacks from TikTok that you’ll want to try out this Thanksgiving.

If you aren’t adding herbs and spices to your butter, you are not turkey-ing correctly. Follow @thebalesky‘s recipe for butter roasted turkey to make a Thanksgiving meal so good, it may not have any leftovers.


Try This No-Baste Turkey

Does basting a turkey every half-hour stress you out or scare you off from cooking entirely? Fear not! @tastemade has a cheesecloth hack that will keep you from babysitting your bird all day.

Yes, @cookingwithshereen‘s recipe is for a chicken. But! If you’re cooking from a small group, this recipe will work great on a small turkey as well. All you need is onion, garlic, lemon, thyme and patience.

@thebalesky‘s TikTok is a masterclass in making the perfect turkey. Her 5 tips include things like making sure you brine your bird for an entire day and letting the turkey skin get as dry as possible before baking. Or, as she says, forgo the oven altogether and fry it.

If you’re one to grill out all year round, @ethanchlebowski will show you the best way to set up your smoker to perfectly flavor every part of your turkey.


Try Not To Set Your House On Fire

For those who choose to fry, @firedepartmentchronicles will show you what not to do. Good rule of thumb: don’t add too much oil.

If all else fails, order takeout.

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