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Family with kids at Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey.

Thanksgiving probably won’t include big family gatherings this year. Instead, many families will stick to smaller celebrations within their own households.

As the holidays draw near, many of us are beginning to think about Thanksgiving menus. Thanksgivings of years past may have been filled with large family gatherings or multiple gatherings as we traveled from home to home to visit with loved ones.

Large turkeys have been the centerpiece on tables covered with various side dishes and desserts. We have sat in large groups, passing platters and plates across and around to fill our bellies with a sleep-inducing meal.

This year will probably look different. Instead of multiple get-togethers or large friendsgiving celebrations, we may be limited to our immediate families and just a few friends. The turkey day meal will look different, too. No longer will there be a need for the 20-pound bird gracing our meal. Instead, a smaller version may be more appropriate.

If you are trying to limit visits to stores, consider buying locally sourced fowl and produce. This will not only ensure a delicious celebration of seasonal fare, but will help our local producers as well.

Recipe | Spiced Acorn Squash

A variety of winter squash will be available along with hearty, leafy, dark greens. You will likely find red potatoes, sweet potatoes and plenty of turnips. While we’re at the end of the season for broccoli, green beans, mushrooms and cabbage, farms may still have some on hand. Combined with pantry staples, a variety of scrumptious side dishes can be created with these vegetables.

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