The 8 Best Places to Find Video Game Recipes

Food in games like The Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter and The Witcher looks delicious — so here’s where to find recipes to cook it in real life.

Cooking has become its own feature in many video games, from The Legend of Zelda to The Witcher. As graphics continue to improve, video game food is starting to look even more delicious or disgusting — depending on the title. For players who have seen rendered food and salivated at the thought of eating it, there are plenty of resources to find video game food recipes.

Here are just a handful of places to find recipes for a fancy game night dinner or even just to level up those cooking skills.

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The Witcher Kitchen

The Witcher Kitchen is a fan project from Nerds’ Kitchen containing recipes from the novels, Netflix series and games, as well as recipes inspired by the world. Recipes straight from The Witcher include Wight’s Soup and Honey Spice Cake from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Recipes range in complexity, but will make a great treat for a viewing of The Witcher Season 2.

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SillyGoose Cocktails

Who says gamers can’t be classy? Silly Goose Cocktails has been on YouTube for just a year, showing others how to make video game-inspired cocktails. Recipes span across various popular game series and titles, from Hollow Knight to Fallout.

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Pixelated Provisions

Since 2012, gamer chef Victoria Rosenthal has been maintaining food blog Pixelated Provisions, where she recreates foods from various games in her spare time. There’s everything from Tales of Vesperia‘s Egg Salad Sandwich to more complicated dishes, like Overwatch Duck Bao. Rosenthal is also the author of Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook and Destiny: The Official Cookbook.

Final Fantasy XV Fan Cookbook

With so many Final Fantasy recipes floating around, someone of course decided to compile them into an unofficial community cookbook in PDF form. It’s free and available to anyone, but they do have a donation option, with proceeds going to a UK charity. If readers would rather have a physical book, the site provides instructions for where and how to get a printed copy (at the reader’s expense).

Unofficial Legend of Zelda Cookbook

Cooking is a popular feature in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has prompted more than a few fans to create recipes inspired by the franchise. One such fan, known as Aimee, crowdfunded the unofficial Hylian cookbook, which is now available for purchase on Etsy in a standard format or in a master edition, with a beautiful hardcover. Aimee’s cookbook contains recipes from across the series — even Dubious Food — and some are even gluten free or vegan. The recipes are mostly main dishes, with a chapter dedicated to deserts.

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Cooking with Cooking Mama

Cooking games have their own niche in the gaming world and Cooking Mama is just one such popular series. GameTim took it upon himself to create a whole series dedicated to recreating Cooking Mama recipes called Cooking with Cooking Mama. Like many of the game’s the recipes, his cooking is fairly simple and could be done by a beginner, but there are some more challenging recipes like Takoyaki in there too. His videos are full of puns and recipes are created side by side with the in-game steps as a fun tribute.

Mother’s Cookbook

This fan creation is dedicated to Earthbound and contains colorful art, jokes and images of recipes based on food found throughout the game, like Mach Pizza and even Pokey’s favorite, Trout Yogurt. (That’s not as gross as it sounds.) This is a rarer video game recipe resource, as there aren’t many places to find recipes from this series. The cookbook can be found over on Fangamer, the home of many things Earthbound related, in PDF or physical form.

Cucco’s Kitchen

Cucco’s Kitchen is a series that’s part of a larger channel called Pwnapplez, featuring all kinds of gaming-related videos. While he does have several Legend of Zelda recipes, there are plenty from other games, including Pokémon and even Kirby. Most of it may be a bit daunting for a beginner, but those who are decent in the kitchen may find a fun challenge in recipes like Super Smash Bros Ultimate‘s Super Spicy Curry.

He also has his own cookbook, The Legend’s Cookbook, which can be found on Amazon. Video earnings are donated to charity.

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